America Protecting the Imperial Centers, Check A Globe

Check a globe and note the enormous expanse of the world where most of the world’s natural resources are located, which is undeveloped and impoverished, and which in 1997 consumed only 14% of the world’s resources.

Then note the small area of the world which has few resources, which is developed, wealthy and powerful and which consumed 86% of the world’s resources.[1] The resources which produce the wealth and power of the imperial centers are primarily in, and thus properly owned by, the impoverished undeveloped world.

The secret that can never be acknowledged is, if the impoverished world had access to finance capital, technology, and markets, it is they who would be wealthy.

As impoverished nations started breaking free from the chains of neo-mercantilist imperialism after WW II and exercising their rights as free people, the words spoken by Western security councils demonstrated they clearly realized their dilemma:

“China is moving towards an economy and a type of trade in which there is no place for the foreign manufacturer, the foreign banker, or the foreign trader.”[2] “We cannot expect domestic prosperity under our system without a constantly expanding trade with other nations. The capitalist system is essentially an international system, if it cannot function internationally, it will break down completely.”[3]

The threat of the governments of half of Europe being no longer allied with the West and the loss of China after that war led to Germany and Japan, as well as Taiwan and South Korea, right on the border of China, being included as allies.

The strategy of allowing those once threatening imperial centers of capital access to finance capital, technology, resources, and markets rapidly rebuilt Germany and Japan and eventually (this last strictly an accident of history) most of Asia.

The Friedrich List protection provided post-WW II Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and eventually all Asia would be a great model to develop the entire world.

However, the rest of the colonial world, which was forming their own nonaligned bloc to control their destiny, were not only denied all those protections, they were covertly destabilized and the rules of Adam Smith free trade, as interpreted by neo-mercantilists, were applied. True free trade was nonexistent, all the rhetoric notwithstanding.

America allied with Britain to defeat Germany in WW I, allied with both Britain and the Soviet federation to defeat Germany again, and defeated Japan almost alone in WW II.

The United States then allied with the former hostile imperial centers of capital to defeat the rising center of capital to the East, the federated Soviet Union, and suppress the many breaks for economic freedom of the colonial nations.

Because European nations were prostrate after bankrupting each other battling over the world’s wealth, America picked up the baton as protector of the now-allied imperial centers of capital.

Western imperialists may need that firepower. Much of Asia is now industrialized (that accident of history) and China alone graduates over 400,000 Ph.D.s a year in the hard sciences.

We must remember, it was Germany graduating 3,000 engineers annually to Britain’s 350 which made the German economy so much more efficient and it was Germany’s takeover of British markets with the production of those engineers that led to World War I and created the framework for World War II.

With China having signed 50 cooperation agreements and 800 Chinese firms investing in Africa, President George Bush established U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) in February, 2007 with the intention of establishing 24 military bases on that continent.

The cover will be health, education, democracy, and economic growth. But the purpose will be installing and protecting puppet governments to maintain access to resources below real values.

The world, including Africa, is conscious today and it is highly unlikely this will work. Only a philosophy of sharing resources, sharing productive capacity, and sharing the wealth produced can avoid fascist military control of world resources which could easily turn into WW III.

We now turn to how, While Protecting the Imperial Centers, Free Trade was Imposed Upon the Periphery of Empire

Those crucial 170 words describing an honest, efficient, capitalist economy. Does anyone have the ear of President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Team?

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[1] United Nations Human Development Report, 1998.

[2] Noam Chomsky, “Enduring Truths: Changing Markets,” CovertAction Quarterly (Spring 1996), p. 49.

[3] Eric Wolf, Europe and the People Without History (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1982), p. 9.

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