Protection for the Imperial Centers, Free Trade for the Periphery of Empire

Those who control history control the future. It is understandable the United States is using its immense power to prevent the establishment of an International Criminal Court with authority to judge the planners and perpetrators of these atrocities.

If such a court were ever established and given the investigative authority and funds, true history would be recorded. The powerful, currently protected because their acts are unrecorded in history and thus unknown, would be immediately weakened as their illegal acts were put on record. The power of the suppressed masses would be simultaneously strengthened.

When U.S.-trained covert operatives are caught in criminal acts that are extensions of these operations, typically they are not charged in U.S. courts. To do so would require opening those CIA records so—as every operation is the total antithesis of law, justice, honesty, and right—these charges are dismissed or never brought in the first place.

An attempt was made to assassinate Chou En Lai of China, second in power only to Mao Ze-dong. The plane was successfully sabotaged when it landed to refuel outside of China and all aboard were killed.

However, Chou En Lai had taken another plane. This was a precursor to sabotaging the plane with the Cuban champion fencing team, and these were far from the only such Western state-sponsored assassinations of fundamentally nonviolent and peaceful leaders and potential leaders.[1]

In Confessions of an Economic Hit Man John Perkins alerts us that Panama’s President Omar Torrijos and Ecuador’s President Jamie Roldos were assassinated by the CIA because they refused to be corrupted.

Those high-level assassinations were professional hit men called on when there was no other way to control a nation or its leaders. At the level of control of the masses, death squads were killing teachers, professors, labor leaders, cooperative leaders, and church leaders.

Those killed were not the terrorists and killers we are told. They were the budding Washingtons, Jeffersons, Madisons, Gandhis, and Martin Luther Kings of those countries who were gaining followers. As they may some day lead their countries to freedom, they had to be eliminated.

It is possible that U.S.-sponsored state terrorism was greater than all other world terrorisms combined, state and private, and it is a certainty that all Western nations together supported and guided several times more terrorism than the entire rest of the world.[2]

And remember, much, if not most, private world terrorism is in reaction to these assaults—overt, covert, financial, and economic—that subvert the governments and economies of defenseless societies.

Imperial nations fear a true International Criminal Court[3] but they have no fear of the current International War Crimes Tribunal indicting and trying war criminals.

Since the U.S. and NATO established and financed this court and provided the researchers and judges, there is no danger of it seriously looking into terrorist acts of their own such as we are addressing.

On May 10th, 2000 at a speech in Berkeley, California, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, one of the primary designers of trying Yugoslavs for war crimes, admitted what all diplomats knew: The U.S. “raised the bar” high enough during the Rambouillet negotiations so “Milosevic could not jump over it” because Yugoslavia needed a little bombing.”

The U.S. dictated at Rambouillet that Yugoslavia either accepts the total occupation of Yugoslavia by NATO, or be bombed. As all diplomats agree that no nation could sign such an agreement, Rambouillet was a declaration of war, not a negotiation, and this means all who planned that war and the massive destruction of Yugoslavia’s civilian infrastructure are war criminals.

Though a few officers of the puppet forces in the Yugoslav destabilization will necessarily have to be sacrificed, the focus will be on indicting and convicting Serbian leaders and military officers, while the primary planners and enforcers of this externally planned destabilization of Yugoslavia will be untouched.

This court will feign balance by investigating the Rwandan slaughter of 500,000 but the terrorist acts of imperial centers of capital will not go on this court’s calendar.

Quite simply, those court records are the writing of history and these court decisions are designed to lock society within a belief system through destroying the reputation of targeted societies and leaving the imperial nations unblemished.[4]

Future Leaders of Nations Picked and Trained

The CIA picks candidates in the developing world for an all-expense-paid education at Milton Friedman’s Chicago School of [neoliberal] Economics and other conservative institutions and these students go back to teach and run governments. To regain control of Chile, the CIA handpicked several hundred Chilean students for training at the Chicago School.

So it went with military officers and students from all over the world. Money was always available for the “right students” to take the “right classes” under the “right professors” in America, others must fend for themselves.[5]

This is a continuation of William Pitt’s imposition of Adam Smith free trade philosophy, as interpreted by neo-mercantilists, upon the defeated world to maintain its dependency. History is then written through the lens of that ‘belief system.”

Those graduates which once found their way into power are now being pushed aside as new leaders, knowing America works through many of those same students to overthrow governments, push them to the margins.

An empire’s citizens must not be permitted to know even a small share of the violence imposed upon other societies. Under the gross atrocities of President Geoge W. Bush and information available via the Internet, that control is falling apart.

Perception management throughout the world, our next page, has been so effective that The Unwitting Hand Their Wealth to the Cunning of their own free will and it doesn’t require an army.

Those crucial 170 words describing an honest, efficient, capitalist economy. Does anyone have the ear of President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Team?

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[2] Feisal Mansoor of Sri Lanka informed us that “idealistic youths were being murdered by the SL state in 1987-1992, the elite did not move until one of their own (Richard De Zoysa, journalist and doyen of Colombo society) was taken away from his home at night and found the next morning shot through the head on a beach South of Colombo.” Orchestrated death squads were operating in many countries we have not addressed. This is all being repeated in Iraq as I write, keywords “let a thousand militias bloom, A.K. Gupta” or “Iraq, Salvador Option,” and watch for future such articles exposing these private militias as death squads.

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[4] As these subjects are not touched by corporate media, we must depend upon Google and Nexus-Lexus searches using keywords off these pages to find the information to decipher the true policies of state. William Blum, Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Super Power (Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press, 2000), especially pp. 73-77, addresses the subject well.

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