Who are the Powerful? Who are the Violent and Powerful Who Ordered and Oversaw These Atrocities?

Professors are conscientious and sincerely want to teach true history, honest economics, and honest political science.

However, when a society is under extreme threat such as the managers of state of the imperial centers of capital were all through the Cold War and as the world again threatens to break free, honest expressions of threatening thoughts are not permitted in those soft sciences.

Honest analyses at the margins are effectively “voices in the wilderness.” Professors and intellectuals who could, and did, challenge the Cold War beliefs being imposed upon the world as a cover for those suppressions of economic freedom were stripped out of the universities and the media or were silenced.[1]

Instinctively understanding this process, and with the exception of a few forced to the margins, professors and the media who are aware, with a few exceptions, keep their head down.

French economic students understood that economic theory, as taught, had no relation to reality and in the fall of 2000 they protested and academic administrators agreed to address what heretofore had been “controversial” subjects. Twenty-seven Ph.D. economic students at the University of Cambridge, UK, signed a similar, but milder, letter of protest in 2001.

Biased and compliant historians of the winners of the hot wars, wars over who will set the rules of unequal trade and thus who will be wealthy and powerful, wrote current history without an understanding of the real underlying causes.

With the Cold War over, and especially with the loss of the moral high ground due to the quagmire in Iraq, opposing thought is rapidly surfacing.

Most important, intellectuals throughout the developing world are fully aware of the inequalities of trade which have been imposed upon them, the covert destabilizations and overthrows of their governments, and they will be writing that history.

Our Conclusion, The simplicity of eliminating poverty and war will stun you, is written under the assumption that the Asian centers of capital need to protect their economies, the developing world’s need for sustainable development, and the rapid advance in cheap communications systems will bring an end to monopoly capitalism’s 700-plus years of control of the belief systems of the world.

The impositions of belief systems is centuries old. When those mental blinders fall away, professors and intellectuals will be stunned to learn that the classical philosophies they have been studying and teaching were only justifications for a system of theft carefully put in place over the past 700-plus years.

As part of the system of imposed beliefs that have little or no connection to reality, the economic classics are justifications for Monopoly capitalism’s system of appropriation of internally produced wealth through exclusive title to nature’s resources and technologies, the legal structure denying others their rightful share.

Likewise, they justify plunder by trade which maintains the periphery of empire in poverty. Our research is specifically on how to eliminate those monopolies through restructuring imperial property rights, bringing peace to this world, eliminating poverty in 10 years, and providing a quality life for all within two generations.

Providing a Beacon for Intellectuals Throughout the World

Though one would never know it listening to the operational philosophic rhetoric, through perception management wrapping society within a belief system, the efficiencies of centralized planning were crucial to the West’s post-WW II successes.

The Cold War military buildup, the economic rebuilding of the old shattered imperial centers of capital, Japan and Western Europe, and the rise of new allied centers of capital, Taiwan and South Korea, to prevent expansion of socialism were all a part of the centralized plans of corporate capitalism.

That these property rights and trading rights were extended to China was an accident of history. At that time the West still feared Soviet Ideology. It was intended that China would be co opted through corrupt leaders becoming wealthy.

It was never intended that technology be given to China as it had been given to Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. But corporations took one look at equally-productive labor being paid 30 cents an hour against $12 to $40 an hour in America and they quickly moved their factories to China.

Before their loss of industry, the American economy was 80% industrial and 20% services. Today is is 15% industrial and 85% services which is the fundamental cause of the world financial collapse unfolding as we speak.

China has been paid for doing America’s work, a part of Europe’s work and sucking the money out of the developed world in the process.

But a production base of $3 an hour (China’s skilled labor is now better paid) against a market base whose labor is paid $20 an hour alerts us that American and European traders were banking huge trader profits.

Those trader profits (run through offshore tax havens) showed up as corporate profits where they were capitalized by 10 to 30 times through increased stock prices.

This can only end in a world financial collapse. The trickle down of those massive trader profits will come to an end as China develops brand names and bank those trader profits in China.

The equity of the American consumer is already tapped out. As China has its own production systems, America can no longer buy world products with printed money and we are no longer producing anything to trade.

At that point, China must decouple from the American economy and trade with South America for resources to keep their factories and internal economy going. This decoupling process has already begun.

China is investing massively in Africa and South America with the intention of establishing secure access to resources. Though the change will be gradual and steady, fast forward 20 years and most the industries of China will be producing for Chinese citizens.

The world marvels at China’s massive gain in wealth but their far more massive gains, those we just described when they are decoupled from the American and European economies, are in the future.

This unstable finance-production structure cannot survive. America is already tapped out and both national and world financial strucrtures are threatening to crash.

The key is “Where are the factories and who owns them?” Of course they are in China and once they cannot produce for America and Europe they will be worthless and be owned by China.

When that financial crash happens, China can take control of her economy along the lines of The how we point out America could take control of her economy and turn her massive production capacity to her own people over a two to five year period as opposed to the 20 years addressed above. That is the crisis facing the world this site is directly addressing.

The world has been researching how to run nations and regions for centruties. The question of whether socialism and central planning will work or will not work has been thoroughly established. The only two functioning economies during the Great Depression were Germany’s and the Soviet federation’s, both were centrally planned, Germany’s only because it had to usurp the rhetoric of National Socialism or be forced by its politically aware labor movement to accept Soviet socialism, and both were building industrial capital faster than had ever been built before.

Because it is viable and thus threatening, socialism has always faced the full might of monopoly capitalism’s perception management and military. If it were not viable, there would be no need to demonize it.

Destabilizations have prevented socialist centers of capital from becoming established and its efficiencies have been utilized by dictators attacking socialism (Hitler attacking the Soviet Union in WW II) and utilized by socialists when defending against not only those attacks but against the ring of steel put around them by the entire allied developed centers of capital after that war.

While the well-funded think tanks were pouring out the rhetoric against central planning, covert and overt destabilizations and the enormous military expenditures defending against the threat of military overthrow were preventing the Soviet Union, Cuba, all Africa and Latin America, and many other nations from putting their economies together.

The hoped-for co-opting of China as she develops is still ongoing but we are assuming that anticipated alliance of monopoly systems will collapse. How can it possibly hold when there are not enough resources in the world for each citizen of China to flagrantly waste the same amount of wealth as Americans?

The reason for these destabilizations is obvious: an efficient social system providing a better standard of living for its people at a far lower cost becomes a beacon drawing the loyalty of intellectuals and the impoverished worldwide.

The rapid restructuring of the German economy, which successfully cared for its citizens during the depths of the Great Depression even as they were being denied equality in world trade, caught the attention of the world.

During the crisis of that depression, German “Bunds” were forming in every corner of the globe. Both the rapidly developing Soviet form of socialism and Germany’s rapidly developing fascist (corporate) socialism were drawing intellectual followers away from neoliberal (monopoly) capitalism which was collapsing under the weight of the Great Depression.

Maintaining both power and wealth of established imperial powers required the containment of both socialism and fascist National Socialism and both were contained by military force.

WW II contained Germany and the Cold War as well as the severe Soviet losses in WW II both contained the Soviet Union and, until the current reawakening of the developing world to a new opportunity to break free, suppressed others’ breaks for freedom worldwide.

Even though most of those attempting to gain their freedom once looked to the United States as their political and economic model, they had the universal danger of popular leaders who were not puppets and who would turn those resources to sustaining their own people.

Empires whose economies depended upon the resources of those countries for raw material for their industries would be faced with a disaster of the first order if their countryside gained its economic freedom.

Those breaks for freedom had to be suppressed. As they understand how they were destabilized the past 60 years, the new alliances of developing nations will no longer look to America for support for their next bids for freedom.

If China trades honestly and equally with South America and Africa–access to resources in trade for technology, training, and initial development–the curse of plunder by trade and plunder within internal trades (property rights law as applied to nature’s resources and technologies, denying others their rightful share) can become history.

As this unfolds, we expect The Developing World Will be Working Hard to Atain Their Full and Equal Rights

Those crucial 170 words describing an honest, efficient, capitalist economy. Does anyone have the ear of President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Team?

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[1] Ellen Schrecker, No Ivory Tower (New York: Oxford University Press, 1986).

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