American Airmen Finished Out Their Lives In Soviet Prisons

If one has any doubts as to how thorough perception management is, consider the 730 American airmen shot down or crashed as they were flying sabotage and assassination teams into Byelorussia and the Ukraine and photographing territory in the heart of the Soviet federation.[1]

Much effort went into “damage control” to tone down that explosive story. In later documentaries and feature articles, the admission of over 730 airmen lost over the Soviet Union was downgraded to 130, but, knowing they had been deceived once, each documentary noted the story might be much bigger.

A few years after the exposure of the air assaults on the Soviet Union, a military spokesman in a news interview said, “Americans would be surprised if they knew how many airmen had been lost over the Soviet Union and China.”

A documentary on the subject of the downed pilots showed their routes over the Baltic Sea and claimed all planes veered off before going over Soviet territory. That falsification of history, telling a part of the story as the full story and ignoring the major story of over 10 thousand flights into the heart of that besieged nation, required both a careful selection of facts by the Pentagon and a cooperative producer.

Even as Western citizens were being brought to near hysteria that they were under dire threat of attack, there were no planes from either Eastern Europe or the Soviet Union flying towards the West with teams trained for sabotage and assassination, or any other kind of destabilization.

No politician of substantial stature seriously believed the Soviets were going to attack anyone and our research, this sit and our books, thoroughly document that most emerging countries throughout the world were under attack from the West.

Damage control was exercised again when CNN and Time magazine spent two years documenting over 20 instances of the use of nerve gas by Americans in Vietnam, at times against defecting U.S. Soldiers.

The story, Operation Tailwind, due to be aired and printed in July 1998, was withdrawn, senior editors who stood by their story were fired, others demoted or chastised, and the story was successfully suppressed.

That surfacing of true history was quickly erased from history. When such revelations threaten to get into the mainstream media they cannot be permitted to stand.

Whenever the powerful are challenged, the longstanding tradition of the owners of newspapers backing their editors and editors backing their reporters, at least we have always been told it is so, is blown out the window.

Witness reporter Ray Bonner’s banishment to obscurity by the New York Times for exposing the El Mozote massacre by U.S.-trained soldiers in El Salvador; Robert Parry’s departure from Newsweek after “path-breaking work on the Iran-Contra scandal”; the San Jose Mercury News retraction of its exposure of CIA involvement in drug trafficking and subsequent resignation of its star reporter, Gary Webb; and James Fallows’ disappearance from U.S. News & World Report for trying to insert a little reality into that publication.

This author was especially appreciative of James Fallows’ writings and wondered how his broad and sensible view of the world could ever be tolerated at U.S. News. It wasn’t.

And if all we have documented to this point is not enough to prove the West was never under threat of a military attack, that the managers of state knew this well, and that there was no need for intelligence agencies to alert the West about any such attack, consider this: Immediately after WW II, U.S. intelligence co-opted Switzerland’s Crypto-Ag, and other encryption companies, to obtain the codes to the most secure encryption machines sold to nations all over the world.

With these codes, U.S. intelligence officials read the most secret messages of most nations, friend and foe, as easily as they might read the morning newspaper.[2]

The National Security Administration’s ECHELON listens in on almost every electronic conversation in the world. Its computers are keyed to detect key words and phrases and divert all communications with those words to be looked at.

Important sources and destinations have all incoming and outgoing communications checked. American intelligence services and managers of state not only knew well there was no planned attack, they knew how weak and defenseless against the full power of the West these besieged people really were.[3]

Assassinations and covert actions were the least of what interested the West as they read other nations’ mail; they were responsible for most of them anyway.

The economic plans of those nations were their primary interest. Playing the high-stakes diplomatic poker game of international trade with a mirror behind everyone’s back gave the United States an insurmountable advantage in trade negotiations.

They knew the most intimate secrets of nonaligned nations attempting to ally together to develop their industries and internal economies.

Few of those nations had any intention of allying their economies with the Soviet federation. Although a nation embargoed by the West would be forced to trade with other unallied nations, their goal was freedom to control their resources and economies and trade freely with any nation.

By 1998, long after the Cold War was over, 70 countries, 66% of the people on earth, were under some form of American embargo or sanction.[4]

Control of trade hides behind a rhetorical cover of human rights abuses. If a nation is recalcitrant, those human rights abuses provide the legitimacy for sanctions, destabilizations, and wars.

Though hundreds of billions of dollars were spent to destabilize emerging nations, funds can no longer be found to rebuild these shattered economies.

It took over 50 years, trillions of dollars, and many millions killed to contain and destabilize the Soviet federation. Without development funds and without access to technology and markets, the weak were again relegated to providing cheap commodities and labor to imperial centers of capital.

But that did not last long. The developing world now knows America has suppressed their bid for freedom the past 60 years.

They understand the purpose was to control their resources, they understand the alliance of wealthy nations to maintain the theft of their wealth, and today (2006-08) they are allying together with the intent of successfully breaking free and gaining control of their resources and their destiny.

Knowledge on how perception management works in the world’s so-called “free” press is sobering. The post 9-11 Patriot Act is a recreation of Germany’s post Reichstag fire Enabling Act under which Hitler established fascism and took all rights away from, and jailed and executed, targeted people.

Entire ethnic groups are targeted in both cases, databases of potential enemies are created, those enemies are watched by newly reorganized or newly created internal intelligence service, communications are monitored, neighbors are asked to report on neighbors, people have disappeared with, as of this writing, no rights to lawyers, and torture of suspects is openly discussed.[5]

We must remember that the overwhelming masses of the German citizens during WW II were not targeted. Instead they were told it was they who were under threat. It was not until fascism was defeated that the excesses and abuses of other people, very similar to the abuses of other societies and other cultures we are addressing, were exposed.

However, powerbrokers’ cover stories for their Iraqi war plans are in tatters. The Washington Post and the New York Times have admitted they were wrong in carrying the messages of this “echo chamber” without challenge, and over 70% of Americans are aware of the deceptions.

If the mainstream news ever gets the courage to tell the American people the truth about the outright lies justifying current and past wars, there would be an earthquake change in both the American government and the media.

Without having read this book, in Banana Republicans: How the Right Wing is Turning America into a One-Party State by Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber expands upon this chapter.

As of its writing, corporations and the hard right had firm control of what the American people believe. To understand that control, this is a must read. Pay special attention to pages 4-5 on how the hard right coordinates their perception management which pours out simultaneously over their media channels, especially Fox News and hard-right radio talk shows.

This misinformation reverberates back and forth through this “echo chamber” to become the firm beliefs of the nation. Run a Google search using the keywords “Fred Goldstein, Abramoff, Thieves fall out” to follow more of that story.

Perception management, which is what is going on in the above descriptions of current events being grotesquely reported, has been practiced for centuries.

Those who consider themselves “liberal” are actually held well to the right of the political spectrum. Even a large share of the so-called left do not realize how far away from reality society is kept so as to protect wealth and power. The few who do see that reality gap are voiceless. So there is no left in Western political culture.

There is only a voiceless few who see—or at least suspect—that reality gap, a small center, a right and an extreme right. Between them, the right and extreme right have had firm control of the policies of Western nations and just as firm a control of society’s belief system.

President George W Bush’s blunder in blindly following the neocons’ long held plans for rapid fire regime changes across the world carried out both covertly and openly by the military has woke up the complacent population.

Enough of the population now has enough of a view of how violent and dangerous this culture is (reality books by the hundreds are being published and selling by the thousands) that plans for fascist control of the populations (the Patriot Act, permissive surveillance laws, and much more) have been placed into law. These are distinctly some of the most historic moments in history.

Update: The final year of his doctorate at the School of Law and Business at James Cook University in Australia, Mako Kuwimb of Papua, New Guinea asked us to explain two puzzling economic theories he had been taught.

1. The Natural Resource Curse Thesis. “Resource-rich developing countries are cursed by virtue of their rich resource endowment, compared to resource-poor countries like Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea, which have developed rapidly because they are not cursed.”

These countries are advised to follow neo-liberal prescriptions to wealth which are the exact opposite of how every successful nation developed as we have outlined throughout Parts I and II.

2. We Quote Mako: “There is a theory called pyramid regulation theory which allows mining companies to become regulators and operators at the same time. Perhaps you might have some ideas on this. World Bank has funded reforms in the PNG mining sector where laws have been passed to allow the country’s mining advisory board to be run by institutions controlled by mining companies not only to process and issue mining licenses, but also to regulate their operations and enforce the environmental regulations themselves.

This is weird and I wonder where that idea came from.”

Our reply: “The fact that you ask that question proves your mind is not yet free of the chains put on it through Western universities. That was not an idea, that was a plan. Once you realize that both classical economics and neoliberal economics were specifically designed to appropriate the wealth of the weak, both within internal economies and in world trade, then think of the thousands of hours you have spent trying to understand our economics. Every one of those hours except skills like math etc, the hard sciences, were hours spent controlling your perception. Now think how fast you would have gone through those classes if you knew those books were frauds, glanced at them, analyzed how they were designed to control your mind, not free it, and you would have handed them the answers they wanted and used your new free time to find those honest answers. Then think of how easy it would have been and how far down the road of knowledge you would be if you had been taught honest history and honest economics.”

We now turn to the 70 Years it took to Contain the Soviet Federationand, if anyone thinks we are done yet, consider the missiles being put in place as we speak which are only 10 minutes flight time from Russia. The Soviets, and now the Russians, always were on the defense, not on the offense.

Those crucial 170 words describing an honest, efficient, capitalist economy. Does anyone have the ear of President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Team?

We are a cooperative publishing house dedicated to the elimination of poverty and war paying ourselves double the normal royalty and will pay higher yet as soon as we can.

We need more cutting edge researchers. If you can broaden our understanding and that of our readers, have a high-quality book within you that you wish to use in class, or just wish to reach the world, please Contact Us.

[1] Michael Ross, “Yeltsin: POWs ‘Summarily Executed’,” The Spokesman Review (November 12, 1992): pp. B1, A10; Ernest Volkman, Blaine Baggett, Secret Intelligence (New York: Doubleday, 1989), p. 187; John Loftus, The Belarus Secret (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1982), chapters 5-8, pp. 109-10; William Blum, The CIA, chapters 6-7-8-15-17, especially p. 124.

[2] Wayne Madsen, “Crypto Ag: The NSA’s Trojan Whore?” CovertAction Quarterly (Winter 1998), pp. 36-42; William Blum, Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Super Power (Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press, 2000), chapter 21. The CIA uses many methods for plausible denial. For example: Inter-Arms was established by ex-career CIA agent Samuel Cummings was supposedly separated from the CIA to establish the world’s largest small arms dealership, Inter-Arms Incorporated, a plausibly deniable conduit for weapons shipments anywhere in the world. With an established arms conduit for covert actions, and a record of serial numbers of other sales so intelligence agencies could keep track of who was using those arms, one would be in deep denial if they thought Cummings was really independent of the CIA.

[3] The lead article in CovertAction Quarterly, Fall 2002, is titled “Imperial Wizard: Soros is not just doling out cash—he’s fleecing entire countries,” by Heather Cottin. This is a must-read for serious researchers on how propaganda works. While being portrayed, and portraying himself as a great philanthropist, George Soros is obviously working closely with the IMF, the World Bank, the National Endowment for Democracy, and many other offshoots of American intelligence to subvert the economies of entire nations. He then picks up prime assets for pennies on the dollar. There has to be many others in on that blatant fleecing of the weak impoverished world.

[4] Thomas Omestat, “Addicted to Sanctions,” U.S. News & World Report, June 15, 1998, pp. 30-31.

[5] Seymour M. Hersh, Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib (New York: Harper Collins, 2004), chap. 1; Stan Goff, Full Spectrum Disorder: The Military in the New American Century (Brooklyn, Soft Skull press, 2004), a analysis of U.S. Special Forces by one.

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