The First Destabilization of Afghanistan was Aimed at the Soviet Federation

The CIA’s largest covert operation was the National Security Council Directive 166 in 1985 ordering the destabilization of Afghanistan.

However, that directive was only a massive expansion of what the CIA had already been doing since 1980 under a finding signed by President Carter on July 3, 1979, five months before the Soviet forces were invited into Afghanistan to suppress that destabilization.

The CIA, working behind the scenes through Pakistani intelligence, provided massive arms (eventually reaching 65,000 tons a year) and training to Afghanistan’s Mujahideen and 40,000 Muslim zealots recruited from over 40 countries.

All support seemed to be coming from Pakistan and most Muslims would have been unaware that their terrorist operation against Afghanistan and the Soviet Union was a CIA designed, funded, and coordinated operation.

Afghanistan was not the primary target. The goal was to destabilize the six Eastern Muslim provinces of the Soviet federation both by smuggling in subversive propaganda, fraudulent books on Soviet atrocities against Muslim people, and sabotage teams focused on assassinating Soviet officers and destroying factories and supply depots.

The Mujahideen rebels were based safely in Pakistan from which as many as 11 teams at a time would infiltrate across the borders to attack airports, railroads, fuel depots, electricity pylons, bridges, and roads.

Satellite reconnaissance guided the Afghan resistance to Soviet targets and they were equipped with hand held stinger missiles to shoot down Soviet helicopter gunships and other aircraft.

A stinger missile electronic simulator was brought to Pakistan to train the Mujahideen. Soviet battle plans were intercepted by spy satellites and this information relayed to the resistance which were supplied with secure communications technology. Massive amounts of fraudulent perception management books were distributed to the population.

It worked. The progressive government of Afghanistan, and the Soviet forces supporting them at the request of the freely elected government, were defeated and Muslim “freedom fighters” went on to destabilize those Eastern Soviet provinces.

Today’s civil war in Russia’s Muslim Chechnya is a residual of that CIA master plan. Those destabilizations were directly coached and financed by Western intelligence services.[1]

In 1998, after the successful destabilization of Afghanistan, Zbigniew Brzezinski, formerly President Carter’s National Security Advisor, admitted that covert U.S. intervention began long before the USSR sent in the requested troops. “‘That secret operation [National Security Council Directive 166] was an excellent idea,” he explained. “The effect was to draw the Russians into the Afghan trap.”[2]

Take note of what was “an excellent idea”: It was the peaceful, rapid successes of Afghanistan that was a problem for imperial America and that must be destabiized.

To subvert those successes, a country rapidly developing and moving towards modernization was politically and economically shattered, two million Afghanistani, out of a population of 15 million, were killed, and millions more became refugees.

One of the many forces financed and armed by the CIA to suppress the progress of that impoverished nation were the Taliban.

Activist Muslims worldwide, some of America’s most implacable enemies trained in Afghanistan by the CIA, used their CIA terrorist training to blow up American embassies worldwide.

They then reached into the heart of America to hijack planes and fly them into New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon, killing 260 passengers and almost 3,000 on the ground for one of the greatest terrorist acts against the West.[3]

However, that act pales alongside the acts of wholesale terror instituted by the West to suppress the periphery of empire’s breaks for freedom.

The destabilization of Afghanistan was only one of many covert actions undertaken with the primary goal of destabilizing the Soviet Union.

If outside powers would stay out of them, the political conflicts of most countries would be settled peacefully and quickly. But when powerful outside powers offer to finance and arm radical groups to take over and govern, there are leaders in every society willing to take that offer.

These impoverished people are given massive funds to fight proxy battles. Even the inexperienced can quickly make a value judgment: If they are currently in poverty with little opportunity for a quality life, the patronage of the world’s greatest power may open up the opportunity for them to be their nation’s leaders and become personally rich and powerful.

What would happen in America or Europe if outside forces supported political grouping, with immense funds and arms to sabotage and destabilize those countries?

The same Muslim terrorists America trained in Afghanistan were later destabilizing Kosovo and Macedonia under the funding and guidance of American and German intelligence services.

Later these same intelligence services, MPRI and other supposedly private armies under the supervision of the Pentagon’s Special Operations Command (SOCOM)[4] were organizing the Ethnic Albanian insurgency in Macedonia, utilizing some of these same Western trained Muslim extremists.

The escort to safety of surrounded and trapped Ethnic Albanian insurgents by American troops provides strong support for these reports. For those sources in the media of record the reader will have to do an Internet search and check future quality books.[5]

The Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989, the government was soon overthrown, and those progressive leaders attempting to build a modern Afghanistan were promptly hanged.

All this was made palatable to the world by intelligence agency wordsmiths, that Mighty Wurlitzer again, use of terrorist adjectives (butchers) to describe the progressive leaders they had overthrown and assassinated.

The CIA and all managers of state knew better. CIA statistical books available in most libraries described this government as freeing women and peasants, establishing clinics and schools with massive literacy programs, returning the land to those who farmed it, canceling the mortgage debts of small farmers, and canceling usurious debts.

Sale of brides was prohibited and women were able to choose their own husbands. In fact, Afghanistan was then one of the leading nations in the world for providing women’s rights. More women were in universities than men.

Because one imperial center of capital had targeted another powerful emerging center of capital, Afghanistan went from one of the fastest developing nations in the world with full rights extended to all citizens to one of the most repressive in the world where a woman did not dare show her uncovered face in public, could not go to school, and could not hold a job.

Take note of how the label “butchers” was placed upon leaders of what was undoubtedly the most progressive government in the Muslim world.

Research very deep before accepting one of the labels placed on people and nations by any nation’s Mighty Wurlitzer. The feudal structure of much of the Muslim world today is specifically because Western imperial centers of capital re-established feudal structures when they destabilized the Ottoman Empire and overthrew or contained every democratic government that emerged.

After the collapse of previous cover stories, this makes a mockery of the current stated objective of the Iraq occupation, “bringing democracy to the Middle East.”

Afghanistan is of strategic importance for the allied imperial centers to control oil and other resources in the Middle East and Central Asia.

We were told immense funds would be spent to rebuild those shattered nations and incorporate them into world trade and the wealth producing process. True to form, this is not happening. Money for destabilization is plentiful while money for rebuilding is scarce to unavailable.

As we speak, the Bush administration is threatening to attack Iran. We must remember General Wesley Clark being told by Pentagon contacts that the orders were out in 2001 for regime change in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran. The risks to the world are very high.

Exactly what the deepest secrets of the current War on Terrorism are we cannot be sure. But this we do know: Terrorists had already attacked American embassies and infrastructure overseas and that they were going to attack targets within mainland America was known. After all, such terrorist efforts generate a lot of phone traffic and ECHELON, America’s electronic intelligence gathering service, intercepts and analyzes, through keywords picked out by powerful computers, virtually every message in the world sent through space and much of what is sent by ground.

Clearly dangerous messages lead to detailed analysis of all traffic to and from those phone numbers. Over time, almost all terrorist cells and a rough outline of their plans become known.

The current prime target of the War on Terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, worked with the CIA and Pakistani Intelligence in establishing terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and training terrorists.

So long as he and Al Qaeda members were terrorizing monopoly capitalism’s competitors, as we were financing and training them to do, they were classed as “freedom fighters.” As soon as they turned their training to blowing up American political and economic emblems, they became terrorists.

Terrorists, of course, are what they were all along. Western media simply ignored the destruction of political and economic infrastructure of ideological competitors.

We do know every empire creates enemies to justify expansionist and suppressionist policies. We know that excuses for war are created so as to gain the political backing of a nation’s citizens and these excuses include permitting attacks on, and deaths of, citizens.

History is rife with examples and America has the examples of the destruction of the battleship Maine in Havana, which rallied citizens for the Spanish American War, and Pearl Harbor, which rallied them for WW II.

So much terrorism of others by the imperial centers has been neglected by the media, and there has been so much distortion of reality by the greatest perception management (propaganda) system in history, that figuring out what is real is very slippery.

We do know Osama Bin Laden praised the terrorist attacks on America. But so did Western leaders praise their terrorist attacks on the empire’s competitors. We do know Al Qaeda is dedicated to the destruction of America. But America trained them to terrorize and destabilize both Afghanistan and the Soviet federation and millions were killed in the process as opposed to the few thousand killed so far as these terrorists turned on their trainers and benefactors.

We also know the West feels they must control the vast oil fields in Central Asia and Afghanistan as one of the keys to controlling pipelines to India and China.

Many of the former Eastern provinces of the Soviet Union joined NATO’s Orwellian-named Partnership for Peace (PfP) military bloc. The Iraq invasion has alerted those nations that the long term goal was to control them and that alliance is falling apart.

Major wars have been fought over far fewer resources. Sincere researchers should look closely at the War on Terrorism as being a cover for control of those largely untouched resources.

But they will have to look deep because this will not be the analysis recorded in history. Instead of the destabilization of the Soviet Union and Afghanistan, history will record only a collapse of the Soviet Union and a War on Terrorism.

Running a Google-Nexus-Lexus Internet search using the keywords “Defense Planning Guide, Cheney, Wolfowitz, 1992” will alert one that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was planned 11 years before 9/11/02.

These terrorists must be neutralized but so must the massive violence, suppressions, and oppressions of the West be abandoned.

The one aspect of this history that stands out is these American-trained terrorists being freedom fighters when terrorizing and destabilizing America’s competitors and terrorists when they turned on America.

On balance, Yugoslavia was probably the most peaceful, productive nation, per capita, on earth. They had forgiven the Western Christians for what they had been done to them in WW II (the 3/3rds policy, 1/3 of Serb men to be killed, 1/3 to be converted to Western Christianity, and the last third to be pushed further East), and their 26 ethnic groups were 30% intermarried.

By this time we know that monopoly capitalism will tolerate no such success by a different social structure nor could they permit such a successful country outside their control behind their borders which they planned to move to the East edge of the Ukraine, even parts of Byelorussia, and take in the large Western Christian populations within that region. So Now it was Yugoslavia’s Turn to be Destabilized and we turn to that story

Those crucial 170 words describing an honest, efficient, capitalist economy. Does anyone have the ear of President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Team?

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[1] Energized by the CIA designed Jihad to push Soviet influence out of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union’s Eastern provinces, the “freedom fighters” restructured their newly gained knowledge into a Jihad to free all Muslim nations from imperial domination. The bombs that fell on Afghanistan in October 2001 were blowing apart the terrorist training camps built by the CIA in the 1980s to train terrorists to destabilize the Soviet Union. These students of terrorism have turned their deadly skills towards destabilizing the nation who trained them and America is now searching out and killing the very terrorists they trained. Control of discourse and self-censorship by the media is so thorough that, even as their nation gears up for war against terrorism, the immorality, the injustice, and the lawlessness of the West’s training of terrorists to destabilize fundamentally peaceful nations is not even discussed. It is crucial that this state terrorism not be recorded in history. This accounts for terrorists being tried in military tribunals rather than civilian courts. A civilian court would record terrorist testimony that they were trained and financed by America while any such testimony will be suppressed in a military tribunal.

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[3] See the endnote to the above paragraph. CIA Director William Casey suggested to the Muslim terrorists they were training that after overthrowing the Afghanistan government the U.S. would support their terrorizing and destabilizing the Muslim provinces of the Soviet Union. Though virtually every CIA covert action must be plausibly denied, a Google -Nexus-Lexus search using various keywords on these pages will come up with the documentation.

[4] Linda Robinson, America’s Secret Armies, U.S. News & World Report (Nov. 4, 2002), pp. 38-43. In Dollars for Terror (New York: Algora Publishing, 2000), chapter 10, Richard Labeviere explains that Special Operations Command (SOCOM) overseas MPRI and other private military groups and interfaces between those groups and the Pentagon. Occasionally a news broadcast or talk show will address lightly the covert activities of the CIA. On one of those occasions, the TV camera turned to a younger Congressman who evidently had been in on covert activity briefings. He said, “We think of the CIA as carrying out these covert operations but the really big covert operations are carried out by the military.” Of course it is in support of the CIA that special operations forces of the military are called upon. These are the military covert operations that have gone under the deeper cover of MPRI and other supposedly private armies.

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