Creating Enemies for the Masses Locks Society within a Belief System

Controlling the thoughts of a citizenry has been going on probably forever. If we are to understand the process today, we must understand how it was accomplished through the centuries.

The Inquisitions of the Middle Ages

The Inquisitions of the Middle Ages were, and the Inquisitions of today still are, to prevent democratic choice. The Roman emperors Constantine and Theodosius I, in the early 4th century AD, along with Justinian I, essentially made the Catholic Church the state religion.

Just as the wealth of today migrates toward tax shelters, over the next 700 years aristocracy migrated towards positions of power in the higher offices of the church, those of bishops, cardinals, and pope.

Where the church and its people were once one, the church hierarchy, the First Estate, and aristocracy, the Second Estate, were now one; there was now a distinct division between the church leaders and the common people.

From their new power base running the church, the combined First and Second Estates sold indulgences and salvations. The common people were terrified of Purgatory and the last bit of wealth could be extracted from those who hoped to be saved and go straight to heaven.

Edward Burman, in The Inquisition, from which this chronology is taken, explains that with the returning Crusaders in the late 11th and early 12th centuries came various unorthodox Christian beliefs filtering into Europe from Jerusalem.

Some of these beliefs permitted each person to find his or her own way to heaven and, primarily the well-organized and rapidly expanding Cathars and Waldensians, openly frowned on a wealthy, licentious church.

Others were drawing away church members by competing claims of miraculous cures. All powerbrokers fear the expansion of the political powers of others while their own power shrinks.

Such was the Church’s fear of these competing beliefs. The Albigensian Crusade (1209-1229) was organized by Pope Innocent III to destroy the Cathars of southern France with their threatening doctrines and parallel organization of dioceses headed by bishops.

This was only the largest of various efforts to suppress heresies since the middle of the 10th century. As with all crusades, the crusade of the Cold War being a good example, this required locking the masses within a belief system through a strategy of tension portraying the Cathars as a dangerous enemy, in this case as infidels and heretics, to justify their slaughter and the theft of their wealth.

The burning of heretics at the stake for 200 years coalesced between 1123 and 1206 into the formal Inquisition. In 1206 and 1210, Pope Innocent III founded the Franciscan and Dominican Mendicant Orders to preach against heresy; and in 1215, the Latern Council was held which listed “clause by clause” heretical interpretations of the faith, the removal from office of heretics, confiscation of their property, excommunication, and their referral to the feudal lords for punishment.

With the Cathars fleeing to other sections of Europe to escape certain death from zealous inquisitors and secular lords, between 1227 and 1252, Pope Gregory IX and Pope Innocent IV issued several bulls further encoding and formalizing the form of the Inquisition.

“The Inquisition was ready to start work on a grand scale shortly after the mid-point of the 13th century” and, as the Christian sects went underground, Popes Alexander IX, Urban IV, Clement IV, and Boniface VIII issued bulls to maintain momentum and root out the last vestiges of threat to their power.

Franciscan and Dominican priests, organized to lead heretics back to the fold, evolved into a few zealous priests becoming inquisitors and torturers. They condemned hundreds of thousands of heretics to burn at the stake over a period of 700 years, the majority being Cathars, Waldensians, Jews, and Muslims.

As religious competitors disappeared regionally, Freemasons, alleged witches, midwives, and personal enemies were targeted.

“Only the fear of losing power acquired over a period of a thousand years can explain such violent reactions.”[1] Because they did not believe in buying one’s way out of salvation and would draw people from the state church, the Cathars were headed for extinction.

The Cathars, the Waldensians, and smaller sects throughout Europe were suppressed by 1270, but Jews and Muslims survived as a political force on an ever-shrinking part of the Iberian Peninsula.

We are taught that Roman pagans tortured Christians. But, in reality, the alliance between Church and state extinguished both paganism and competing Christian sects through extreme violence and “the number of Christians executed by other Christians in a single province during the reign of Charles V [alone] far exceeded that of all the martyrs who perished at the hands of the pagans throughout the Roman Empire in the space of three centuries.”[2]

The Spanish Inquisition

With the inquisitorial pattern well established, starting in 1478, the Christian secular powers of Spain proceeded to eradicate Jews and Muslims from their territory. The choice was between leaving Spain, converting to Christianity, or being burnt at the stake.

It is only because the power of the Spanish empire was a threat to British and other empires that the world knows so much about the Spanish Inquisition and so little about the French, Italian, and other Inquisitions.

Although all were equally violent, the history of each culture suppressed the history of their inquisitorial violence and emphasized the violence in their archenemy Spain. This is the “creation of enemies” through a strategy of tension to protect a power structure as it has functioned throughout history.

The Inquisitorial Suppression of the Templars

The Knights Templar were industrious, faithful servants of Christianity. Their history began in 1119 when nine knights formed an association to protect pilgrims in the Holy Land. They fought so valiantly that

gifts in abundance flowed in on the Order, large possessions were bestowed on it in all countries of the west…. By the Bull, Omne datum optimum, granted by Pope Alexander III in 1162, the Order of the Templars acquired great importance, and from this time forth, it may be regarded as totally independent, acknowledging no authority but that … of the supreme pontiff.[3]

The Templars fought many battles for Christianity, and by 1302 they had spread over much of Europe and were enormously wealthy and powerful.

Much of the land owned by the Templars had been given to their forebears by the grateful ancestors of local aristocracy, in trade for the slaughter of non-Christian or heretical Christian population, and by a Church whose successors resented and feared the power of this great order. Local bishops and clergy made many complaints to the pope about the Templars’ refusal to recognize local religious authority.

When a French pope was consecrated in 1305, he rewarded King Philip IV of France and other nobles by supporting an intrigue against the respected Templars.

The French secret service created a strategy of tension to protect the power structure as they destroyed the Templars and stole their wealth. They spread vicious rumors and

on the night of the 13th of October, [1307], all the Templars in the French dominions were simultaneously arrested…. They were accused of worshipping an idol covered with an old skin, embalmed, having the appearance of a piece of polished oil-cloth. “In this idol,” we are assured, “there were two carbuncles for eyes, bright as the brightness of heaven, and it is certain that all hope of the Templars was placed in it: it was their sovereign god, and they trusted in it with all their heart.” They are accused of burning the bodies of the deceased brethren, and making the ashes into a powder, which they administered to the younger brethren in their food and drink, to make them hold fast their faith and idolatry; of cooking and roasting infants, and anointing their idols with the fat; of celebrating hidden rites and mysteries, to which the young and tender virgins were introduced, and of a variety of abominations too absurd and horrible to be named.[4]

Like all inquisition charges, the fabrications of the belief systems society was wrapped in could not be defended against and confessions were obtained by torture.

King Philip then sent the findings to other European countries. These preposterous accusations were at first rejected, but by 1314 the Templars were totally discredited and destroyed; over 2,000 of them confessed under torture and were quartered or burned at the stake.

In only nine years, the Templars, who had been perceived for centuries as elite warriors and builders of the Christian world and who commanded both large resources and respect, were labeled enemies and cast into oblivion. The First and Second Estates had acted together to reclaim their wealth and power.[5]

Winding Down the Inquisitions of the Middle Ages

As the Inquisition wound down in Europe in the 18th century, except in Spain, its dying flame now picked up by Protestant evangelists, reached America in the form of the Salem witch trials.

Small inquisitorial flames in Peru and Columbia died out in the 17th century but in Spain and Mexico it was a primary political tool well into the 19th century.

Although under a different name, changed twice, in 1908 and 1965, the Inquisition still exists as “The Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,” the conservative political arm which suppresses liberal elements within the Church and whose leader became Pope in April 2005.[6]

The world will never know the true number slaughtered. Some authors claim reliable estimates of between 200,000 and one million burned at the stake in the witchcraft craze of the 16th and 17th centuries alone. Others claim 500,000 burned at the stake over a period of 400 years before the witchcraft craze even started.

There was a far greater number killed in the sweeps of military forces organized specifically to slaughter entire communities of Cathars, Waldensians, Jews, and Muslims.

And Templar and Hospitaler knights gained much of their land through local Christian feudal lords giving them free rein to slaughter heretical populations and sharing with them the spoils.

When one includes those killed other than by burning at the stake, which is by far the greater number, deaths at the hands of inquisitors to increase the power of the already powerful throughout the full 700 year inquisition history is truly massive.

The Inquisitorial Suppression of the Illuminati

In 1776 Professor Adam Weishaupt of the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany, established the Bavarian Illuminati, “enlightened ones,” a secret group to expand the rights of the people. Thirteen years later, the French Revolution’s promise of more extensive rights created even greater fear in the First and Second Estates.

The Third Estate, bourgeoisie with the support of the common people, now ruled France. The potential for full rights for everybody could have become contagious and the Illuminati supported those increased rights.

In a replay of earlier inquisitions, managers of the religious state immediately locked society within a belief system by frightening the population into a witch hunt. The war cry went out which in effect said, “Look out for the Illuminati! Look out for the Illuminati! They want to take over your country! Your church! The world!”[7]

No one today will dispute that it was the king, aristocracy, and church, those who created those strategies of tension, who controlled the so-called civilized world.

That the Illuminati are active today and a threat to freedom is a fiction kept alive by the far right wing whose politics are too extreme even for most of those who do hold the reins of power.

It was the ruling powers who created and imposed this belief system so as to control the masses and protect their wealth and power. It is ironic how people without sufficient education, or of radical bend, dig up those old writings about the Illuminati.

They point to the current organizations of the powerful, such as the Trilateralists, as being the Illuminati attempting to rule the world. Poetic justice!

However, the forward march of history could not be stopped. The intense efforts of the Church and aristocracy to overthrow the French Revolution resulted in Napoleon Bonaparte taking the reins of power in France.

Through the conquest of many of the nations that had conspired to overthrow the French Revolution and were conspiring to overthrow this latest upstart, Napoleon spread throughout Europe many of the rights declared for all men by that revolution. Known as the Napoleonic Codes, “they are the legal base for over thirty nations today.”[8]

The twin threats of loss of trading rights in Europe, Napoleon’s Continental System, and the threat of replacing aristocratic privilege with rights for all people led to a “Holy Alliance,” sometimes called a “Monarchical Alliance” but the church was always a crucial ally, between European monarchies and the church to reclaim their aristocratic rights.

Though Napoleon freed most of Europe, he was ultimately defeated at Waterloo in 1815. Aristocracy and European monarchies immediately convened the Congress of Vienna to abrogate the newly gained rights of the masses.

However, “Napoleon’s omelet couldn’t be unscrambled…. It was a force destined to destroy the dynastic system.”[9]

History teaches of Napoleon’s desire to be a world dictator when he was really destroying the power of the First and Second Estates who did rule the world.

Because Napoleon was such a threat to the powerful, the secret services and state departments of the European monarchies guided the writing and publication of books depicting Napoleon as a megalomaniac and tyrannical dictator.

These concepts saturated the literature of the time and still saturate the literature of today. In a replay of the Illuminati nonsense, once Napoleon was demonized as an enemy of the people, the masses remained, and still are, unaware Napoleon really stood for reclaiming their rights.

Czarist Secret Police Demonize the Jews

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is an example of a strategy of tension creating a belief system to justify assaults on a specific people to destroy their power and steal their wealth.

The Czarist (Russian) secret police created this alleged Jewish-Zionist master plan for world domination out of thin air in 1903 to condition the population for pogroms, government-sponsored riots, against the created enemy, the Jews.

English and French translations appeared in 1920, but in 1921 a correspondent for the Times, Philip Graves, proved they were forgeries.

With the cooperation of a Russian refugee who had helped create the deception, it was shown the forgers had “plagiarized paraphrases from a satire on Napoleon.”[10]

That satire was no doubt a previous creation intended, as explained above, to demonize Napoleon because his egalitarian concepts of justice were a threat to the privileged groups.

Though the fraud of the Protocols of Zion is well known, there are many instances of such hoaxes recorded in history and accepted as fact. Those tens of thousands of CIA-created fraudulent articles, and thousands of fraudulent books and articles put out by compliant professors and reporters are good examples.

As intelligence services of all imperial centers do this, one society will have its created version of history and another society a different history favorable to its desired view of the world.

The holocaust of WW II was the climactic finale of over 1,000 years of hate rhetoric against the Jews, preached from the pulpit, supposedly for killing Jesus. Just as the power of right-wing extremists in U.S. society ebb and flow, the power of church right-wing extremists ebbed and flowed.

Where it was once common to persecute the Jews openly, the horrors of the holocaust made it no longer acceptable. All who would advocate such a thing are now outside the permitted parameters of political or religious debate.

Today most Christians are supportive of the rights of Jewish people. But the world should not be too complacent. The fervent supporters firmly believe all Jews shall return to Israel where most will be slaughtered and the remainder will fall to their knees and accept Christ.

Barnet Litvinoff, in his masterly work on the 2,000 years of Jewish persecution, The Burning Bush, points out the persecutors and supporters of the Jews have periodically changed sides.[11]

Each of these changes required the targeted population to be programmed either as an enemy or a friend. That change is the necessary paradigm shift to gain a following that telegraphs the intentions of the managers of church and state.

Continued support to deeper entrench a belief system was evident in the 2008 government intelligence organized slaughter in Mambai India. Professor Michael Chossudovsky and Russian Intelligence both say it “has the fingerprints of a paramilitary-intelligence operation”  (

We turn to how the power structure Writing History to maintain the Control of History and thus Control of the World

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