The Korean War was a Strategy of Tension Justifying the Cold War Slaughter of Millions

Any power structure, “democratic” or dictatorship, facing the loss of control on the periphery of empire, will find or create an excuse for war.

Because all the records were not destroyed as ordered, it is now known the American Joint Chiefs of Staff had just such a strategy of tension planned to create support for a war with Cuba.

They urged President Kennedy to justify their planned war by staged covert terrorist acts, some of which would have caused the deaths of innocent Americans [1]:

In the name of anticommunism, they proposed launching a secret and bloody war of terrorism against their own country in order to trick the American public into supporting an ill-conceived war they intended to launch against Cuba.

Codenamed Operation Northwoods, the plans which had the approval of the Chairman and every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for innocent Americans to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees from Cuba to be sunk in the high seas; and for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington D.C., Miami, and elsewhere.

People would be blamed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war.[2]

The political instrument to put NSC-68 into effect was the Korean War starting 72 days after the directive was finalized and presented to President Truman.

When I.F. Stone wrote The Hidden History of the Korean War in 1952, NSC-68 was still classified. But his book demonstrates the Korean War was a strategy of tension imposing the policies of America’s managers of state upon the world and the most important political event since WW II.

No empire, or nation, instigates a war on the periphery that is already politically won, but they do instigate actual wars when loss of control is imminent.

But this planned war was not only to save an outpost on the periphery of empire; this was a war to save the empire. There was nothing to lose in Korea; without a war it was going to be lost anyway and there was an entire world to gain through a strategy of tension mobilizing the citizens of the imperial centers for a war to suppress the renewed breaks for economic freedom of the emerging world.

Though the plans were made in State, an analysis of our sources will conclude the excuse for the Korean War was obviously staged by General Douglas MacArthur, South Korean President Syngman Rhee, and Chiang Kai-shek of Formosa under the political cover of the American hard right, called the China Lobby with the support of McCarthyism, and the CIA’s Mighty Wurlitzer.”

Highlights from Stone’s book outline a war created by those threatened with the loss of their power and wealth. Massive riots were breaking out all over South Korea with the goal of North and South Korea reuniting, over 100,000 were killed.

Crack military units were defecting to the so-called left and the CIA and South Korean government were unable to control the elections. Syngman Rhee’s puppet government was voted out wholesale and the next to go would be Syngman Rhee.

North and South Korea were going to rejoin outside Western control; South Korean troops had pulled back from the 38th parallel the day before the war started; South Korean government press releases were saying a North Korean attack was imminent; the UN had inspected the 38th parallel just hours before the war started and concluded there was no imminent attack; an intelligence briefings stated North Korea was not prepared for war.

Yet ships were in place to evacuate American families. Everything was set to fabricate an excuse for war, a strategy of tension imposing a belief system to gain followers for the immense military budget and casualties it would take to suppress the world’s breaks for freedom.

But the clincher that the invasion of South Korea was a much more elaborately staged war than Hitler’s staged invasion of Poland was North Korea’s announcement that South Korea had invaded North Korea in three places and had been hurled back.

Author John Gunther, General Douglas MacArthur’s personal biographer, just happened to be in the General’s personal railroad car when a high-level occupation official returned from being called to a phone, saying, “A big story has just broken. The South Koreans have attacked North Korea.”[3]

That verification which accidentally slipped into history and Stone’s cold political analysis verifies the North Korean claim that South Korea, under American guidance and promise of protection by America’s full military might, started that war.

A third verification was the few days it took to dislodge South Korea from Heiju, several miles above the 38th parallel. I.F. Stone describes how many of the battles, with hordes of Koreans and Chinese attacking, were nothing more than military press releases, beliefs manufactured by intelligence service wordsmiths and passed out through military and government channels.[4]

Stone would quote the headlines built from those press releases and then print the communiqués from ground commanders who were essentially searching for enemies they could not find.

Certainly four million were killed but they were primarily killed by an unopposed air force napalming North Korea to the ground, an unopposed navy shelling North Korean coastal cities to rubble, and massive artillery extracting a horrendous price in lives when a real attack was faced.

This accounts for only 35,000 Americans being among the four million who died. Half those numbers were women and children who died in this carnage when defenseless and totally undefended North Korean cities and villages were napalmed and bombarded to the ground.

Neither China nor the Soviet Union provided any great support to North Korea until that tiny impoverished nation was essentially destroyed.

Couple perception management press releases with the documented efforts of the North Koreans, Chinese, and Soviets to bring the Korean War to an end, every such effort unreported in Western media and thwarted by either a massive air attack or ground offensive, clearly mark it as a political event.

In 1992 John Quigley wrote The Ruses for War: American Interventionism since World War II and he came up with the same conclusions: The Korean war was started under NSC-68 by the West as a strategy of tension, the primary framework of orientation, so citizens and governments would support the militarization of the West for control of the world’s resources.

Besides unearthing evidence we missed that America instituted that war, Quigley agrees the West was at all times militarily superior to the North Koreans, that the North Koreans were not ready for war, and Western armies were many times looking for forces that simply were not there.[5]

Thanks to the hysteria of the Korean War, which locked Western citizenry within a belief system saying the West was under imminent threat of attack, South Korea and Taiwan were kept within the sphere of Western influence.

So called “leftist” dissidents in Germany, Italy, France, and Japan were totally suppressed by a strategy of tension identical to American McCarthyism, the military budget did increase 350% as planned in NSC-68, the Cold War was on full force, and, after an intense 40 year battle, that struggle to regain control worldwide to protect those cheap resources, those markets, and the very right to govern the imperial centers, was won.[6]

That four million people were killed, half of them women and children, and millions more wounded, that the entire Korean peninsula was scorched earth, that another 10 million would be violently killed as other breaks for economic freedom were suppressed all over the world, that tens of millions more would be wounded, that hundreds of millions would die from starvation and disease as the economies of impoverished countries struggling for freedom were shattered, that billions would remain impoverished as their governments were covertly overthrown or that trillions of dollars of the world’s resources would be wasted, could not deflect the managers of state from their decisions.

They, like imperial centers of capital for centuries, felt they had no other choices. To lose those natural resources, cheap labor, and those markets, was to lose their power and their wealth. As we will be addressing, viable choices are available today and they are imperative.

The security councils of all the Western European nations had long since realized they could not rebuild their WW II-devastated societies if they lost control of the resources of the world, nor could they rebuild if their industry, money, and labor were expended on arms.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made it clear that, even though Britain was damaged less than 10% as much as Eastern Europe and Western Europe was damaged possibly only 20% as much, “if rearmament is not spread out over a longer time the nations of Western Europe will be rushing to bankruptcy and starvation.”[7]

The Grand Strategy paid off. Except for all Asia slipping in under the umbrella of protection provided to Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, the natural-resource-wealthy developing world remained poor.

This left those resources available for the use of the imperial centers and the resource-depleted developed world rebuilt its wealth to a level far higher than before.

Peace in Korea Could Not be Permitted

Attacks on defenseless civilians in North Korea were specifically to create anger and prevent negotiation. For a government to sign a peace treaty under such conditions is essentially unconditional surrender.

During two years of negotiations at Panmunjom, every time it appeared a peace settlement was near there would be a massive air raid, a ground offensive, a naval bombardment, or all three.

When it appeared that the Chinese were willing for a cessation of hostilities at the 38th parallel where it all began, three defenseless North Korean port cities were subjected to 41 straight days and nights of bombardment by the navies of three nations and America’s Air Force.

That most intense naval and air bombardment of any city in history, against totally defenseless women and children, went totally unreported in the Western press.[8]

Instead of dictatorial powers planning to overwhelm the West militarily, those who we were told were a dreaded dictatorial enemy were making every effort to return to peace and were being bombed and shelled to prevent a peace settlement.

The Korean War could not be permitted to end until the West’s war machine was fully rebuilt, not until treaties were signed with Japan and Germany fully committing them to the West, and not until the entire Western world was raised to a high level of tension believing they were at high risk of being attacked.

The Korean War was necessary to gain full support from governments and the masses so that other overt and covert wars to suppress the world’s break for economic freedom could be successfully fought.

To understand that the deciding factor in imposition of beliefs to control people is military power, read this book on how inequalities of trade are militarily imposed, then read NSC-68 while noting Acheson’s statement quoted above that its purpose was to “bludgeon the mass mind of “top government” that not only could the President make a decision but that the decision could be carried out,” and then read I.F. Stone’s The Hidden History of the Korean War.

We are not exaggerating. These wars, in which we were told we were in such imminent danger of being attacked, were covertly instigated by imperial powers to maintain control of the developed world’s countryside with their immense natural resources and markets so crucial to their corporate industries.

Voters would quickly change leaders if they knew the Grand Strategy was to maintain control of the countryside through violence. Thus, it was necessary to lock the masses in a belief system designed by the national security state blaming the violence on the very people being suppressed.

The decisions had been made. America’s managers of state were accepting the reality that only they had the economic and military power to re-impose control upon the world.

Though most of the planning, beyond NSC-4, NSC-4A, NSC-10/2 and NSC-68, had yet to be done, most world history since Churchill’s famous 1946 Iron Curtain speech has been efforts to re-impose control on others and they to gain or retain their freedom.

We know this struggle as the Cold War, it was fought even more fiercely around the world than it was against the Soviet Union, and it continues under the cover of a “War on Terrorism.”

According to Professor Michael Chossudovsky and Russian intelligence, the terrorists attack on Mumbai in 2008 “has the fingerprints of [just such] a paramilitary-intelligence operation.”  (

Denying American citizens the information necessary to understand the Cold war required Destabilizing knowledgable Internal Political Groups Who Might Gain Political Power and Assassinating President Kennedy

Those crucial 170 words describing an honest, efficient, capitalist economy. Does anyone have the ear of President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Team?

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[1] Historians should look closely at the anthrax scare after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack on America. Those anthrax spores were proven to be genetically identical to that produced at the U.S. germ warfare facility at America’s bio-warfare facilities at Fort Dietrich. The source of that anthrax is not in dispute. The probability is very high that propagandists took advantage of the September 11th terrorist attack to further their strategies of tension to maintain that loyalty. Run Google-Nexus-Lexus Internet searches using the many keywords on this page.

[2] James Bamford, Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency (New York: Doubleday, 2001), pp. 70-91, especially p. 82; Linda Robinson, “What didn’t we do to get rid of Castro,” U.S. News & World Report, October 26, 98, p. 41; Castro, Capitalism in Crisis, p. 215-17; John Quigley, The Ruses for War: American Intervention Since World War II (Buffalo: Prometheus Books, 1992).

[3] Stone, Hidden History, pp. 1-3

[4] When China joined the war and pushed the Americans back to the 38th parallel, the West did face a capable enemy. But the 35,000 Americans killed while 4 million North Koreans and Chinese were killed fully support I.F., Stone’s analysis.

[5] Quigley, Ruses for War, chapter 3.

[6] But only temporarily: After successful suppression of breaks for freedom all over the world at a massive cost of money and lives, as we will be addressing in the next chapter, suddenly, in 2005-08, alliances are again being made throughout Latin America (Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba; and other alliances are forming) and the world as the suppressed and impoverished continue their battle for freedom and full and equal rights. Brazil, Russia, India China, and South Africa (BRICS) are forming a trade-energy bloc and many more such blocs will form. Some of those blocs will unravel as the entrenched Imperial Bloc does everything in their power to prevent their successful formation. But, when a large enough bloc of the developing world forms, their economic ability to sanction the wealthy world will force powerful nations to negotiate honestly and fairly.

[7] John Ranelagh, The Agency: The Rise and Decline of the CIA (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1987), p. 257.

[8] Stone, Hidden History, pp. 263-64.

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