My Eureka Moment, Others, Possibly You, Can Paint an even Bigger Picture

—- J.W. Smith

I missed the big picture sitting in my first book(The World’s Wasted Wealth) 20 years ago begging to be seen, and so did everyone else. For two years I had been inserting these words at the end of each chapter:

Once this monopoly is eliminated through restructuring property rights law, the huge blocs of capital buying and selling those capitalized appropriated values (misnamed profits) within the ethereal world of high finance are transposed into equally-shared use values.

But the big picture still eluded me. Pulling those chapters together for the book Money: A Mirror Image of the Economy, I took one look and said, “Good Lord! 60% of the huge blocs of capital America is worshiped for were not only unnecessary they were reducing economic efficiency over 50%.”

That was the labor and resource savings shown as possible, even as a quality life was provided for all, in that book 20 years ago.

Just as quickly I realized that economic classics were only justifications for a system of theft, current property rights law, as applied to nature’s resources and technologies, denying others their rightful share of what nature offers to all for free.

The powerbrokers spent over 700 years putting those unequal property rights laws in place (the monopoly system we are told does not exist) and that privatization process is still ongoing.

That flash vision led to this thesis on doubling economic efficiency, eliminating poverty nationally and internationally, impressive reduction of environmental pressures, eliminating wars, and reduction of the workweek by over 50%.

Elimination of such massive waste makes this a Green Economic Theory and Green Monetary Theory for sustainable world development.

Note the complexity of classical and neoliberal economics.Note The simplicity of eliminating poverty and war as outlined within our pages. Note its solid logic and note the certainty that it would be rejected by those mentally locked within the “system.”

However, when circumstances are right (a financial collapse with their children cold and hungry such as appears to be happening as we speak), perception management (propaganda) will be thrown aside and one who parrots the old beliefs will be hard to find.

The waste and violence of the current system is so enormous—more wasted, destroyed, and production forgone than consumed—we must hope that day will be soon.

Henry George was the economic philosopher who gave us the analytic tools to understand all this.

Though there are always detractors, most economists of high standing will say “Henry George had it right.” What he had right was that no one produced natural resources, it is offered to us all for free by nature, hence all are entitled to their share of the wealth produced, and that can be efficiently accomplished through all being quintuply repaid when paying resource (land) rents to ourselves.

That process converts exclusive title to nature’s wealth to conditional title. That conditional title, social collection of resource (land) rents, affirms access to land as a human right.

With their children cold and hungry during a financial collapse, such as appears to be happening now, those full rights will be reclaimed if you and others experience your eureka moments and demonstrate the simplicity of eliminating their poverty to your audience.

As hotlinked to early in this article, a short summary of this poverty elimination philosophy is our next page, The simplicity of eliminating poverty and war will stun you

Those crucial 170 words describing an honest, efficient, capitalist economy. Does anyone have the ear of President Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Team?

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We need more cutting edge researchers. If you can broaden our understanding and that of our readers, have a high-quality book within you that you wish to use in class, or just wish to reach the world, please Contact Us.

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