A 2009 Christmas Message we treasure

Posted 4 years, 8 months ago (Friday, December 25th, 2009 at 1:35 pm) by jwsmith

Hi J.W.!

I am writing to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

As I think back over 2009 and reflect on those people, ideas, or events that most influenced my thinking, my coming into contact with you and your ideas would top the list. And for that I have Richard Cook to thank.

The idea that modern economics is a carry-over and justification for ancient land titles and ownership of nature’s resources that are given freely by the Creator to all earth’s inhabitants is a profound truth that leads to a “system reset” of just about everything else having to do with life as we know it.

I’m also looking forward to getting into Alanna’s book, “The Earth Belongs to Everyone”. Talk about a profound truth!

You have brought about a major expansion in my thinking and understanding of how the world works. A priceless gift of insight which brings with it a responsibility to share that knowledge with others in the best way I know how.

I am grateful, and in your debt, sir. Thanks for everything and I look forward to bringing your message to others in 2010 in my own small way. With my utmost respect and admiration,

Peter Lorenz of PetersPicks

My response,

Thank you Peter Lorenz,
Your faith in me has kept me going. All our minds are so totally under control even as we think we are free that anyone who has broken free of those mental chains, even part way, is isolated. Remember the first thing I told you when we met, “Once you realize the propaganda is carried right through the university system, the evening news, and you realize the economic classics, the bibles we live by, are nothing more than “justifications for a system of theft, property rights law, as applied to nature’s resources and technologies, denying others their rightful share of what nature offers to all for free your mind is suddenly free and understanding an honest economy is as simpe as understanding your family economy within an honestly structured economy.”
What stuns me is how easy those who do not have trained thought, either formal or self educated, understand it, see the full picture, and how formal education or self educated thoughts limit a person’s understanding. It seems that readjusting from firm beliefs implanted after years of study is a many year process. But those who read my work are still making the change faster than I did. It took me a lifetime of study to set that nonsense aside and even then it was the property rights fraud that burst into my mind 5 years ago that did it. So it is the simplicity and common sense of the thesis that is the key.
Propaganda has buried reality so deep it takes a lifetime to dig out from under it. Little shoots, such as Henry George thought, are sticking out here and there, but the big truth, the fraud of property rights law as applied to nature’s resources and technologies which nature offers to all for free, is buried deep out of sight. Henry George only looked at one clue and neither he nor most of his followers realize the size of the corpse that laid deep beneath the finger bone he spotted. The few who did look for the corpse that went with that finger bone were looking in the right area of thought but gave up before they found it. I just never quit looking.
Thanks again for your faith in me. As ever
J.W. Smith
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