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Posted 4 years, 5 months ago (Sunday, March 28th, 2010 at 7:25 am) by jwsmith

Dear Peter Lorenz of Peter’s Picks,

Within the progressive world, ”our press being totally under the control of corporations” rolls on. No where do I read that the “reality” is visible on the horizon. The froth of that oncoming wave is clearly visible on CNN and NBC News, March 26, 2010, used Amy Goodman of Democracy Now as the liberal expert on the just-amended health-care bill.

The on-coming wave that will one day swamp us, hopefully soon, is also clearly visible in many politicians throughout America suddenly becoming educated by the alternative news. Six months into the battle for health care reform even the corporate media occasionally  laid out the realities of honest health care reform. That battle educated much of the nation. It seems state politicians can now openly discuss how over 50% of medical costs in America are totally unnecessary (Insurance and accounting costs alone account for that much waste). Many also realize those costs can be reduced another 50% (to 25% of today’s costs) by a total restructuring of our food supply away from processed foods and a simultaneous restructuring of Big Pharma to eliminate those unnecessary monopoly profits.

A part of that wave is just barely visible (perhaps this is yet only hope) in the soon-to-be-signed reduction in nuclear weapons by America and Russia. Another part of that froth is it suddenly becoming possible to speak of the reality that Israel has no intention of ever negotiating in good faith with Palestinians and that their plan for these besieged people is the same as the American colonists against the American Indians. Ninety five percent of the Indians were eliminated over the past 510 years and many tribes were successfully disappeared from the face of the earth. The greatest genocide in all history and this was intentional.

More of the New Reality Becomes Visible

Almost single handed, Ellen Brown alerted the nation that privately collected profits of banks is all unearned money (she may not have used those terms but that reality is evident in her story) while the profits of socially-owned banks spent on social needs converts that unearned wealth into earned wealth to be spent on social needs. Every million dollars “earned” by the state through a socially-owned bank and spent on social needs is a million dollars of taxes a citizenry does not have to pay.

In short, the corporate information propaganda machine which has been preventing reality reaching the masses has just sprung huge cracks which, hopefully, will eventually destroy both the world imperial system and the totally corrupt internal monopoly structure of America, Europe, and their still-standing clones across the world.

Those two revolutionary state aspirations, state banks and state sponsored universal health care, will be noticed by other states and, over time and along with the ongoing financial collapses of private banks and entire economies across the world, monopoly banking monopolized health care will, hopefully, soon be history.

The Population to Support Those Breaks for Freedom are Already in Place

Well over 50% of Americans believing in single-payer health care means 70% within some states are supporters. With that many aware citizens, there is no way that corporations can control the health care laws of all states. Once a few states have more honest health care, those stories will be on main stream news, the citizenry of other states will realize their error, and a restructuring to universal health care within Congress will happen.

As the imperial centers of Europe and America collapse, the essence of my writing the past five years; China, India, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, eventually Africa, and other nations (Japan will also ally with those breaks for freedom) will rapidly put their economies together. That will put the final nail into the coffin of the current capitalist narrative (inefficient monopoly capitalism being described as efficient honest capitalism). That replacement of dishonest history and equally dishonest economic theory with honest history and economic theory will, again hopefully, be the pen being mightier than the sword we have heard about all out life.

We may see the start of this already on CNN: Lou Dobbs was fired, very bright and serious news anchors have been added, their bosses seem to have been given them their head, and they are doing really serious, in depth, analysis. They do not yet come up to the quality of Democracy Now and the many other commentators on Free Speech TV and Link TV. However, as now structured, they cannot avoid exposing more and more as these world crisis come on faster and faster and become deeper and deeper.

Sooner or later, again hopefully, the tipping point will be reached and the world will break free from the horrors of monopoly capitalism imposed upon the world for the past few centuries as honest capitalism.

The simplicity of truly honest capitalism is laid out in this Full-and-Equal-Rights-Economy-in-170-words.

I am stunned by how fully 80% of whomever I tell this little story to understand it fully. This alerts us that the simplicity of  honest capitalism has been kept out of social discourse throughout capitalism’s history. The hope is that the many brilliant minds out there will carry these simple concepts further forward and to broader audiences.

The Coming Collapse of the World Economy is addressed further here.

As you will see, very good minds are working hard on how the world is collapsing. If the world becomes aware of how simple national economies can be and how under those honest economies, assuming they were accepted worldwide, all reason for war disappears and the labor and resources required for a quality life drops by 50% or more. This means there are enough resources on this earth for everybody.

Those who recognize the dangers of pollution and global warming should have a deep interest in this thesis. After current belief systems collapse, these concepts will be easily understood. Lets go for it. Thank you.


JW Smith.
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