The 21st Century Will Be Determined by the Rapidly Emerging World

Posted 4 years, 1 month ago (Sunday, August 1st, 2010 at 10:50 am) by jwsmith

By J.W. Smith

Education Under 5% the Cost of Brick and Mortar Schools is the Key to Freedom for the Emerging World

The emerging world is rapidly untying itself from Western classical and neo-classical economics. All wealth is processed from resources, those resources are in the emerging world, and they will be demanding their share of the wealth produced.

One of my crucial predictions towards that outcome just came true. Those planning to produce $200 computers for every child in the world, were overtaken by India now producing a $35 computer with the expectation it will eventually cost only $10.

Obviously cheap labor was used to build an impeccably clean factory and equally cheap labor produced those CPUs, and large capacity flash memory sticks (replacing hard drives) embedded in a keyboard and monitor. Everything else, including the software and one’s working files, are to be on the web as pioneered by Google’s Chrome operating system.

Monopolies we are told do not exist, accounting for most hardware and software costs, are bypassed and, as fast as the emerging world can put it together, lessons from K1 through K20, as well as post graduate studies, will be on the Internet for use by all for free. Alert 15-year-olds within the emerging world, studying day and night. will be well educated in five years.

Within 30 years of distribution of those computers, most the highly educated people will be outside the currently wealthy imperial centers of capital. Inventions will pour out of those mentally freed souls, imperial nation’s patents will be ignored, and the greatest inhibitor of emerging world development, the monopolization of technology, will be broken.

Patent and Financial Monopolies, Along With Destabilization, and Military Suppression, Denied the Periphery of Empire the Right to Develop

Dozens of emerging countries will follow India’s lead, build their own processors, flash memories, keyboards, and monitors, and the cost for computers for all the world’s children will be little more than the cost of regional labor. Millions will donate both their labor and money for such a worthy purpose. After all, millions already dedicate their lives to such worthy causes and this will be the downhill run towards their goals.

With the intellectually capable of the entire world educated and having access to the Internet to stay abreast of everything going on in the world, monopoly capitalism will stand fully exposed and quickly collapse. Their control of the world, through which they control resources and markets, will quickly collapse

Three Key Governing Structures for Emerging Nations

Three crucial aspect of that collapse will be 1) the emerging world reclaiming their resources through resource (land, oil, mineral, etc) rents going into the public treasury to finance infrastructure and industrial development, 2) regional currencies spendable only within those regions, and 3) a world currency financing trade between regions under a mandate to protect the value of all currencies as those economies are guided toward maximum efficiency, each with their proper share of regional industry

The destruction of the value of local currencies each time an emerging country started putting their economies together was an easy way to control the world. Those needed as allies to retain worldwide control were permitted within the world trade system.

The Imperial Monopoly System is Coming to An End

The destruction of the value of regional currencies each time an emerging country started putting their economies together has been an easy way to control the world. Until an accident of history, the rapidly advancing development of China, only those needed as allies to retain worldwide control were permitted within the world trade system.

As soon as the people within the emerging world educate themselves, they will rapidly take the lead in economic efficiency and equality of rights. The imperial world is simply too entrenched within their monopoly systems and too lacking in understanding of property rights (the above link) to restructure without first totally collapsing.

Just as the imperial nations used allies to maintain the monopoly/plunder by trade system, others know they need to develop together to maintain an alliance against those historic imperial nations. Leading nations will reach across their borders and help their neighbors.

After all, to be efficient, at least two railroads must go the full length of Africa, at least 10 must go the full breadth of Africa, and the same efficiency requires close by markets for steel mills, copper mills, renewable energy electric grids, electric cars, and virtually every consumer product.

These educated people, with 10 to 30 times more geniuses than are in the old imperial nations, will take the lead in inventions (over 50% of America’s patents are now foreign), they will understand the old monopoly system they were once told did not exist, and, just like America paid no attention to Europe’s patents when developing, they will pay no attention to those who claim title to older inventions. Freedom for the world and the end of war and poverty are now possible.

For the third time in this short post, I point you to how simple an honest capitalist economy can be. Thank you.

J.W. Smith

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  1. On August 1st, 2010 at 3:46 pm, Douglas Jack said :

    I like your recognition of factors occuring. Education is particularly important if we correctly define it from its Latin meaning ‘to lead forth from within’. There are many counter-factors to local empowerment as dominant attitudes are ingrained. The following link take the reader to a section on Apprenticeship Education: which supports young and old in developing local empowerment.

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