Our Books:

Our cooperative publishing house Institute for Economic Democracy Press (IED Press) has published the following books.

(See note on subtle differences between online versions and downloadable or hard copies of our books)

The Mystery of Matter

November, 2010

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Weaving Golden Threads: Integrating Social Theory

August, 2010

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The Emperor’s God: Misunderstandings of Christianity

October, 2008

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An Unknown God

October, 2008

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The Earth Belongs to Everyone

July, 2008

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Earth Federation Now! Tomorrow is Too Late

November, 2005

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Rights are available for publishing these books in your region in English or translations. Feel free to contact us for more information.

To request review copies please contact us.

Professors, universities, and progressive politicians within the developing world can restructure these books to their history and experiences, publish in English or translations, and use without charge. Please contact us for the latest manuscripts or read more about this offer.

Subtle differences in online version and the downloadable or hardcopies

Note, we attempt to put as much of our books online, in full, where possible for all to see. This means:

  • Formatting online may be slightly different to the downloadable versions due to conversion software
  • The online versions may not be updated as often as the downloadable versions simply due to the time the conversion process takes. We are hoping to improve this though.

Please do consider downloading an electronic copy for latest edits, purchase a hard copy, or donate to help support our efforts. Visit the links for each book above, for more information.

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