Economic Democracy: The Political Struggle of the Twenty-First Century, 4th Edition

J.W. Smith
August, 2005
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Plunder by raids has evolved into plunder by trade.

The weak unwittingly hand their wealth to the powerful via Adam Smith free trade.

‘Free trade’ means monopolizing the resources and markets of weak nations.

The loss of wealth on the periphery of empire has been the admired gains in the imperial centers.

The economy is expanding from wealth pouring into the wealthy and powerful imperial-centers-of-capital through massive inequality of pay for equally-productive labor.

Turning ‘win-lose,’ ‘lose-lose’ trade wars into ‘win-win’ equalizing managed trade.

Instead of sensibly and ethically increasing the wages of the poorly-paid to the level of the well-paid, the wages of the well-paid are being lowered to the level of the low-paid.

Free food is horribly expensive. Give free food to any country and the economy will collapse.

Where would American business and labor be if food was imported below the price of local production? U.S. farmers would go bankrupt, the tractor and machinery companies would go bankrupt, and millions of people depending on these jobs would be without work as would those providing products and services to them.

Today’s massive military is for the same purpose as the raiding parties of the City States 800 years ago-control resources (primarily oil) and the wealth-producing-process.

The old imperial nations of Europe handed the baton to their American cousins to suppress the world’s break for freedom and thus protected their continued access to resources and control of the wealth-producing-process.

The powerful gained control of the wealth-producing-process and guided that wealth to themselves.

The U.S. set up the greatest propaganda system in history to impose Adam Smith free trade philosophy upon the world.

Equal rights means all people sharing in the world’s resources and the wealth-producing process.

IMF/World Bank structural adjustments continually lowers the wages of weak nations and thus exponentially increases the transfer of their wealth to the imperial-centers-of-capital.

Never did a nation develop under Adam Smith free trade. Virtually all developed under Friedrich List philosophy of protection of tender new industries.

The mighty American military is there to force back in line any who would not accept that philosophy.

That America had, and has, a propaganda system far more extensive than any empire in history is hard to accept.

The CIA’s “Mighty Wurlitzer” inoculated America, and much of the world, against philosophies of full and equal rights.

No where else will one find the full outline of the establishment of America’s belief systems, the greatest propaganda machine the world has ever known.

Wars are the continual struggle over who will receive the wealth produced from the gains in efficiency in the wealth-producing-process.

The military of powerful nations offset the comparative advantage of resource-wealthy weak nations.

The extreme difference in wealth between the imperial centers and the periphery must collapse of its own weight. After all, those ever-lowering commodity prices represent loss in buying power on the periphery.

Democratic/cooperative capitalism, the political and economic structure of a peaceful world.

There are four primary rules and 15 subsidiary rules of Cooperative Capitalism for quickly developing the world and alleviating poverty.

Reporters accredited to the highest levels of government instinctively knew their accreditation would be withdrawn if they challenged the official view.

These gross fabrications are now not only a major part of Western literature and history; they are Western literature and history.

We are being scammed. What we are told are full rights are only partial rights. If the subtle monopolization of land, technology, money, and information were eliminated, economic efficiency gains would be equal to inventing of the printing press and electricity. Once attaining full rights, each of us need work only two to three days per week. All people of all societies can look forward to a life of leisure.

Through imposed structural adjustments, economic rights under which every industrialized nation developed are denied the world’s weak nations.

America buys industries in collapsed economies for pennies on the dollar-even, at times, for only the cost of printing the money.

Inequality structured within the world trade structure provide the legal framework for siphoning the world’s wealth to imperial-centers-of-capital.

For the past 40 years, capital has not only received all the efficiency gains from improved technology, they are now claiming a part of what once went to labor.

Any nation that seriously considers taking control of their own destiny faces immediate embargo and covert destabilization.

Perfectly good industries are shut down in the imperial centers and rebuilt on the periphery.

That destruction of capital by capital producing primarily for the imperial centers is economic insanity. There is currently no mechanism within the market system to build consumer buying power and implant this new technology where it is badly needed while keeping the already producing factories servicing the already established market.

Under the current world trade structure, the developing world cannot compete with the developed world. But they can ally together and compete with each other.

Only when faced with power have imperial nations ever abandoned their claims upon the wealth of the periphery.

Those imperial centers cannot control billions of people if they ally together and demand peace through full citizenship and full rights.

Only through allying amongst themselves and thus gaining power can weak nations force the imperial centers to open up sincere development options.

If a region or country lacks natural resources, they should be permitted a higher level of industrial capital.

Trade between unequal regions should be managed trade while trade within regions and between roughly equal regions would be free.

As technology, labor skills, and capital accumulation equalize, protections would be lowered.

Wealth is only the representative value resulting from combining resources (land), labor, and industrial capital.

Sharing fully in the wealth-producing-process requires equal rights in domestic economies.

Land monopolization is quickly eliminated by changing the tax structure.

Monopolization of technology is eliminated by all having the right to pay a royalty and use any patent.

Monopolization of money is eliminated by each region having rights to their share of created money and accumulated capital.

Monopolization of information is eliminated by reserving communications channels for education, elections and public dialogue.

A constant value currency eliminates inflation or deflation.

A simple, almost invisible, transaction tax on the circulation of money will provide bridging costs while restructuring land taxes. Once restructured, all other taxes disappear, as does the monopolization of land.

Japan with 1.53 births per family, Germany 1.51 births, and Italy with 1.29, far below replacement level, proves populations can be stabilized without coercion.

The old imperial nations of Europe handed the baton to their American cousins to suppress the world’s break for freedom and thus protected their continued access to resources and control of the wealth-producing-process.

All wealth comes from resources, and aggressive nations are destroying the very wealth they are battling over.

Preventing other political voices from being heard required destabilizing progressive internal political groups in all allied countries.

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