Money: A Mirror Image of the Economy, Revised 2nd edition

J.W. Smith
June, 2010
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About the book

An analysis of the simplicity of creating or destroying money tells us that all inflations and an occasional deflation are planned events.

Utilizing a currency valid only within their borders, a dual currency system, an allied developing world can create money to build infrastructure and industry.

Applying Henry George’s philosophy across the economic spectrum transposes monopoly rent values into equally-shared use-values. Quality of life increases as working hours drop by half.

Henry George’s principles applied to world money systems is the lever to eliminate monopolies worldwide. Fully 60% of those huge blocs of capital disappear. Not only were they never necessary, their collection under the current monopoly structure reduces economic efficiency by fully 50% or more. That those monopoly funds can be replaced by a few computer strokes is the secret that banking monopolists will never share.

For 500 years rights to the commons were forcibly taken away from the people. Everyone knew this was theft of the rights and millions were slaughtered in the struggle to protect those rights. The last 200 years of that 700 plus year struggle private ownership of public wealth became accepted as normal. Some of what we know as “the classics” were not even philosophies, they were only justifications for the inefficient rule of law being put in place.

“Dr. Smith clarifies the basics of that most mysterious and powerful of human inventions—money.”

— Professor Richard Heinberg, author, Oil, War, and the fate of Industrial Societies.

“Dr. J.W. Smith Leaps the Obfuscations and makes the operations of money easily understandable.”

— William Kotke, author, Final Empire

“Only a handful of great books, brief and highly focused, have moved civilizations significantly forward. This is one of those rare books.”

— Professor Glen Martin, author, Millennium Dawn

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