This is a chapter from the book, Money; A Mirror Image Of The Economy. Visit that link for more information about the book.

Books describing the violence, environmental destruction, and pending cataclysms of today’s world abound. Books calling for the revitalization of democracy, for an end to economic globalization, and for an abstract peace with justice are not difficult to find.

But nowhere can there be found books offering a clear and comprehensive path forward for our world. Dr. J.W. Smith’s present book is quite unique in this respect. In the face of a world of cynicism and despair, it offers a clear, common-sense path to a decent world order.

It is not the ideas presented here do not appear in Dr. Smith’s earlier works such as The World’s Wasted Wealth and Economic Democracy: The Political Struggle of the Twenty-First Century. But here they are extrapolated from these larger texts and compacted like a laser beam. The result is a masterpiece of power and clarity.

Critically aware people know that much of the ideology of “free enterprise,” disseminated, for example, by the Neoliberal propaganda originating in the United States, is meant to justify and cover up the unjust appropriation of the wealth created by the true producers of the world. But few have been able to see that we need not throw out the baby with the bath water.

Through simple common-sense changes that bring us to the creative, productive, and innovative heart of capitalism, we can create a just and prosperous world order for everyone. As Smith’s magnum opus, Economic Democracy, points out, the final struggle if we are to have real democracy on Earth is the struggle to make capitalism democratic. The propaganda claiming this is already so is meant to protect “exclusive titles to nature’s resources and technologies,” the system—as Georgist Ole Lefmann has been writing on for 36 years—for siphoning the wealth created by hard-working producers into the hands of non-producers.

Over the centuries only a handful of great books, often brief and highly focused, have moved civilization significantly forward. I believe Money: A Mirror Image of the Economy is one of these rare books. It is a powerful, concise statement of both the next step for human civilization and how to take this step.

Glen T. Martin

Professor of Philosophy, Radford University

Author, Millennium Dawn – The Philosophy of Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation

Secretary-General, World Constitution and Parliament Association

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This is a chapter from the book, Money; A Mirror Image Of The Economy. Visit that link for more information about the book.