WHY? The Deeper History Behind the September 11th Terrorist Attack on America, Third Edition

J.W. Smith
August, 2005
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Although neither will acknowledge it, for 1,300 years Christians and Muslims have battled over control of the wealth-producing-process.

The Christians won and over the past 500 years defined the borders & rulers of countries throughout the world.

Where would America’s wealth be if Mexico controlled Texas & Oklahoma, Japan controlled California, England the northeast, Spain the South, and the rest of the country was divided into small emirates?

Today’s massive military is for the same purpose as the raiding parties of the City-States 800 years ago-to control resources (primarily oil) and the wealth-producing-process.

Fair and equal trade as opposed to unequal “free” trade

Terrorism will disappear if all have equal rights within the wealth-producing-process.

Half the expenditures on arms turned to world development, will eliminate poverty and terrorism.

All wealth comes from natural resources and those are primarily in the impoverished world.

If the developing world refuses to work those mines, cut those forests, pump that oil, drive those trucks, or load those ships, the powerful nations will have no choice except to negotiate in good faith.

Oil monarchs are paid well to protect the interests of Western Empires.

Where would America’s wealth be if Mexico set up and controlled governments in Texas and Oklahoma, Japan controlled California, England the northeast, Spain the south, and the rest of the country was divided into small emirates with an elite power structure under external control?

All wealth comes from resources, and aggressive nations are destroying the very wealth they are battling over.

Preventing other political voices from being heard required destabilizing progressive internal political groups in all allied countries.

Controlling the wealth-producing-process created the prosperity of the imperial-centers-of-capital.

Control of the wealth-producing-process required destabilizing emerging democracies worldwide-an ongoing process that cannot be admitted.

Terrorism will not flourish if the wealth-producing-process is sincerely shared.

Only five percent of that spent on arms would eliminate most poverty (and thus most terrorism) if the world’s powerbrokers were really serious.

Philosophers understand well that no society dare tell the truth about itself until centuries later. We took that dare.

Conscientious citizens would never tolerate their standard of living being maintained through arbitrarily laying claim to the wealth of others let alone the utilization of wholesale terrorism in that process.

Western society must lie to itself because its own population will not tolerate injustice in their name.

America’s freedoms, and all true freedoms, are based on economic rights.

Turning only half the expenditures on arms to producing industry for developing nations will eliminate poverty and terrorism in only 45 years.

Most professors and intellectuals are locked into protecting empire

Only on the extreme margins of society can one find media personalities and writers who speak of the terrors faced by people (thousands tortured and killed) facing the direct actions of America’s national security policies.

The reality of economic, financial, covert, and overt wars are hidden from the West’s own citizens.

European imperialists destroyed each other’s wealth battling over the world’s resources and the wealth-producing-process.

While the Western world bathed in their generosity and efforts for world peace, their worldwide covert destabilizations were frightening (terrorizing) to those facing the brunt of America’s national security policy.

National Security Council Directive 68 was the master plan for the Cold War.

Strategies-of-tension (low-grade and high-grade terrorism) are the primary methods for controlling democratic elections in a “democracy.”

Operation Gladio, practicing a terrorist “strategy-of-tension” to control Italian eliections through planting bombs and blaming it on the “Reds” was a CIA operation.

It was democracy that was feared. That accounts for the budding Washingtons, Jeffersons, Madisons, Lenins, Gandhis, Churchills, and Martin Luther Kings of emerging nations being assassinated.

The U.S. airforce and the navies of three nations shelled, bombed, and napalmed three defenseless North Korean cities for 41 straight days and nights and American citizens were never informed of this wholesale state terrorism.

Now it was Yugoslavia’s turn to be destabilized. Western Europe could not incorporate Eastern Europe into their economy so long as the productive society of Yugoslavia was there to undersell them. War is still profitable; the gains to imperial-centers-of-capital will be huge.

A NATO alliance all the way to Russia’s border is planned but there will be a limited sharing of wealth.

Sharing fully in the wealth-producing-process requires equal rights in domestic economies.

The developed world is locked into a horribly wasteful production/distribution system and, short of revolution, cannot change. Not being locked into this wasteful system, the undeveloped world can leapfrog the developed world.

Natural resources should be priced relative to the cost of mining the world’s poorer mineral deposits in the resource-poor developed world. To conserve scarce energy, reduce pollution, conserve resources, equalizing surcharges (tariffs) should be collected and used to pay for renewable energy capitalization, other leading technologies, and for primary, non-polluting, renewable energy research. To limit disappearing funds, industry and infrastructure should be contracted to be built rather than loans made for corrupt officials to manage.

Once roughly equal in technology and labor equally paid, surcharges would be eliminated and honest free trade would flow between those regions.

All wealth comes from resources, why are resource-wealthy nations poor and resource-poor nations rich? It is because at a 10 times differential in pay for equally-productive labor there is an exponential 100 times differential in retained wealth. One unit of wealth for the poorly-paid for every 100 units of wealth for the well-paid. At a twenty times differential in pay, there is a 400 times differential in wealth accumulation.

Four rules for world development, elimination of poverty, and a world at peace:

  1. Equal pay for equal work;
  2. Sharing those remaining productive jobs (meaning each need work two to three days per week);
  3. Elimination of the subtle monopolizations of land, technology, finance capital, and information;
  4. And addressing population and sustainable development to the capacity of the earth to provide resources and the environment to absorb wastes.

Through full utilization of modern communications technology, the undeveloped world can educate their people for 5% to 15% that of current costs.

With free access to the people for candidates, political corruption through financing elections will cease.

Powerful nations will not willingly give up their superior rights.

Low wages on the periphery of empire, low commodity prices, and debt, are excellent methods of reserving the world’s wealth for the imperial-centers-of-capital

The developed world is locked into a horribly wasteful production/distribution system and, short of revolution, cannot change. Not being locked into this wasteful system, the undeveloped world can leapfrog the developed world.

Full Chapter and Sub-chapter titles:


  • Subtle-Monopolization is a Remnant of Feudal Property rights

1. The Thirteen-Hundred-Year Battle between Christians and Muslims

  • The Crusades.
  • The Rise of the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Rise of the West and the Decline of the East.
  • The Decline of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Claiming the Spoils.
  • Redrawing the Map of the Islamic World and Installing Their Rulers.
  • The Secret Agreement Exposed.
  • Oil Monarchs are Paid Well to Protect the Interests of Western Empires.
  • A Battle over Resources and the Wealth-Producing-Process.
  • Controlling the Wealth-Producing-Process Starts with Control of Land.

2. Resource-Poor Wealthy Nations and Resource-Rich Impoverished Nations

  • The Origin of Plunder-by-Trade.
  • Never did a Nation Develop Under Adam Smith Free Trade
  • All Successful Nations Developed under Friedrich List’s Principles of Protection of Tender Industries and Markets
  • All True Freedom, is based on Economic Freedom.
  • America Chose to Ally with its Cultural and Religious Cousins.
  • History Validates Friedrich List

3. The CIA Establishes the Greatest Propaganda Machine in History

  • Inoculating America, and much of the World, Against Philosophies of Full and Equal Rights
  • Corporate-Funded Think Tanks Reinforce the CIA’s Mighty Wurlitzer.
  • McCarthyism Yet Stills Many Minds in Academia and the Media.
  • Eliminating the Washingtons, Jeffersons, Madisons, Lenins, Gandhis, and Martin Luther Kings of Emerging Nations.
  • Fraudulent Reality Imposed upon Citizens Creates an Elite-Protective “Framework of Orientation”
  • Access to Resources and Control of the Wealth-Producing-Process was Threatened.
  • Controlling Elections Worldwide.
  • Destabilizing Internal Political Groups
  • Most Professors and Intellectuals are Locked into Protecting Empire.
  • Protecting Wealth and Power through Creation of Enemies
  • The Inquisitions.
  • The Eradication of the Knights Templar.
  • The Inquisitorial Suppression of the Illuminati

4. Destabilizing Emerging Democracies Worldwide

  • Destabilizing a Newly-Free Iran.
  • Containing Iraq.
  • Containing Indonesia.
  • Containing Libya.
  • Containing Vietnam.
  • Containing Nigeria.
  • Destabilizing Guatemala.
  • Destabilizing Chile.
  • Destabilizing El Salvador.
  • Destabilizing Nicaragua.
  • Angola, Mozambique and other Frontline States.
  • Containing Cuba.
  • The Korean War: a Strategy-of-Tension to Gain Citizen Support for Suppressions of Breaks for Freedom.

5. Containing and Destabilizing the Soviet Federation and Eastern Europe

  • The Costs to the Soviets were Enormous.
  • Errors in Soviet Planning.
  • The Official Enemy was Communism.
  • A Sensible Restructuring Plan for Russia.
  • Could the Soviet Union have avoided the Cold War?
  • Afghanistan, the Final Straw that Collapsed the Soviet Union.
  • The ‘Official’ Enemy is now Terrorism.

6. Now it was Yugoslavia’s Turn to be Destabilized

  • Taking Over the Media of the Defeated Serbia.
  • Reality as Opposed to the Thunder of the Mighty Wurlitzer.
  • Policies-of-State to Control Resources and the Wealth-Producing-Process.
  • The Gains to Imperial-Centers-of-Capital are Huge.
  • Turning the Screws Tighter.
  • A NATO Alliance (Federation) All the Way to Russia’s Border
  • Collapse of the Invisible Borders between the High-Paid Imperial Center and the Low-Paid Periphery of Empire.

7. Inequality Structured in Law

  • Free Food is Horribly Expensive.
  • Financial Warfare.
  • Equal Trade as Opposed to Unequal Trade.
  • Capital Destroys Capital
  • Sincerely Sharing the Wealth-Producing-Process.

8. Equal Rights in Domestic Economies/Superefficient Capitalism

  • Henry George Philosophy; A Modern Land Commons
  • Regaining Rights to a Modern Technology Commons
  • Regaining Rights to a Modern Money Commons
  • Creating a Constant Value Currency

9. Reclaiming the Information Commons

  • Eliminating Political Corruption by the Wealthy and Powerful
  • An Unseen and Unfelt Money Transaction Tax
  • Converting Wasted Time to Free Time
  • That Population can be Stabilized Without Coercion has been Proven.

Conclusion: Give Full Rights to all People and Terrorism Disappears

  • Five Primary Guidelines for World Peace
  • Democratic-Cooperative-Supercharged-Capitalism
  • Powerful Nations Giving Up Their Superior Rights
  • These Are Historic Moments
  • Restructuring to an Efficient Internal Economy
  • Enormous Savings Possible Abandoning Subtly-Monopolized Economies
  • Restructuring all Societies to a Life of Leisure
  • Peace through Full Citizenship and Full Rights

Appendix I: A Practical Approach for Developing Poor Nations and Regions


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