World Revolution Through World Law; Basic Documents of the Emerging Earth Federation

Glen T. Martin
November, 2005
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About this book

This book presents four key documents from the emerging Federation of Earth along with extensive commentary and analysis situating the Earth Federation Movement within our contemporary global crisis situation.

“The only truly practical road map for human survival on Earth”

— T.P. Amerasinghe

About the author

Glen T. Martin is Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies and Chair of the Peace Studies Program at Radford University in Virginia.

As President of International Philosophers for Peace, and Secretary General of the World Constitution and Parliament Association, he has lectured and traveled in many countries of the world in the service of world peace and a prosperous future for everyone on Earth. He is author of From Nietzsche to Wittgenstein: The Problem of Truth and Nihilism in the Modern World, Millennium Dawn: The Philosophy of Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation, and dozens of articles on a variety of topics in political commentary, comparative philosophy, the spirituality of human liberation, economic democracy, democratic world government, and global social issues.

Full Chapter and Sub-chapter titles:

1. Introduction: Restoring the Legitimacy of Nations Through the Supreme Act of Civil Obedience (sample chapter)

2. Declaration of the Rights of People to Create and Ratify a World Constitution and Sessions of the Provisional World Parliament

3. Manifesto of the Earth Federation

4. The Constitution for the Federation of Earth

5. Summary and Analysis of the Earth Constitution

6. Essays on the Promise and Necessity of World Law

  1. The Philosophy of Anarchism versus the Philosophy of Democratic World Government
  2. The Earth Constitution and the Question of Sovereignty by T.P. Amerasinghe
  3. The Roots of Terrorism in Sovereign Nation-States and the Path to a Secure World Order
  4. Are We Unteachable? By Errol E. Harris
  5. World Legal Revolution by Eugenia Almand
  6. The Philosophy of Nonviolence and World Revolution Through World Law
  7. The Principles of Ecology and the Earth Federation

7. Conclusion: Pledge, Resolution, and Revolution

  1. The Pledge of Allegiance to the Earth Federation
  2. Resolution for Introduction to National Parliaments
  3. Conclusion: World Revolution Through World Law

Appendix: The Development of a World Parliament: A Brief History

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