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New book: Money: A Mirror Image of the Economy

Before writing Money: A Mirror Image of the Economy, the author felt he could not challenge capitalism’s economic classics. As the book came together, the savings were so massive he realized those classics (and thus all their derivative works) were nothing but justifications for a system of theft (Western property rights law) the power brokers spent 700 plus years putting in place and that privatization process is still ongoing.

This knowledge will save serious researchers years of studying writings currently designed to hide, not teach, efficient and just economic philosophy. With those imposed belief systems—designed to protect wealth and power and, up to this point in time, believed—pushed aside, the developing world and every serious researcher can quickly put together honest economic philosophy.

Moving Henry George’s principles of full and equal rights (to what nature offers to us all for free) across the full economic spectrum exposed the heart of the monopoly system which was previously invisible because we are told monopolies do not exist under capitalist philosophy. Those property rights laws are designed to appropriate, rather than efficiently produce and distribute, wealth.

The unearned wealth appropriated through those property rights laws, capitalism’s powerful economic engine, stand exposed as inefficient to the extreme. Fully 60% of the huge blocs of capital that America is worshipped for not only did not need to be appropriated, that theft reduces economic efficiency by fully 50%, far more when one realizes the gains to the world are exponential, up to the level of the world’s sustainable development, once those monopolies are eliminated.

Eliminate the monopolization of technology—which were, and are, a part of nature just waiting to be discovered—will permit the rapid expansion of their use worldwide, will eliminate the wars protecting the monopoly system’s access to nature’s resources, will eliminate world poverty in 10 years, and will provide a quality life to each world citizen in two generations (50 years).

Read Money: A Mirror Image of the Economy on line for free.

Press Release: 11 September 2003:

The Institute for Economic Democracy announces new and updated books to eliminate world poverty, and an offer for professors.

The new book is called Cooperative Capitalism: A Blueprint for Global Peace and Prosperity.

“I haven’t even got past the Introduction and I’m considering it my ‘Bible’ on the last 50 years of ‘illusionconfusion’ — finally a crystalization of the horror perpetrated on all of us by the cabal in Washington. Thank you!!!!!” — Philip Morgan

Two books have also been released with updated editions:

  1. Economic Democracy: The Political Struggle of the Twenty-First Century
  2. Why? The Deeper History Behind the September 11th Terrorist Attack on America.

We are also extending out an offer to developing world professors, progressive groups, and universities.

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